Training Options

As we progress together along your Wholistic Fitness™ path, there are many enchanting ways for you to receive guidance from me …

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Then: Explore Online Training Opportunities

Online Coaching
Embark on the same coaching experience that has produced Olympic champions, has been featured in Outside magazine and in books, and has transformed ordinary people into extraordinary spiritual athletes.

In ancient times, a new student was refused by a Teacher at least three times as test of sincerity. As a Recognized Protector of the Dharma, yet also as a pioneering bridge-builder between the ancient Eastern Traditions and the West, Coach Ilg has grown a bit more acquiescent … all you need to do is fill out an application. Oh, and if Teacher Ilg refuses you? It might just be one of his well-known Tests of Your Sincerity!

WF Online Training is a Path for Finders, not Seekers. My Online Training System is steep and fraught with danger. There are no handrails. There is no turning back! Every step down this path is a step into the unknown.

Online/Phone Consultations
You can always receive my guidance on an as-needed basis, via Skype or telephone. Schedule a consultation, then get on the line with me and fire away with your questions or issues. My Zen-style counsel will keep your practice on track.

Online Courses
Soon, we’ll be offering group training programs via the web. If you can’t make it to Durango, or can’t afford personalized Online Coaching, these progressive online training programs are a great option. Proceed at your own pace, and get support from others at the same stage of the journey. I’ll guide you via streaming and downloadable video and audio recordings, as well as in live group webinars.

Finally: Consider In-person Training Opportunities

High-Performance Yoga Classes
I teach group yoga classes every Monday (Flow) and Wednesday (Prop) evening at The Hub Training Center in Durango, Colorado (and elsewhere on special occasions). Experience the deliciously intense “HP Prop Workout” for yourself. Drop in if you’re just passing through, or schedule a private or semi-private class for an even more personal experience.

Private Intensives
Private intensives are the “Big Kahuna” of Wholistic Fitness training opportunities, and have been written about in magazines and books. They’re available in 1-3 day sessions. I’ll personally train you in each of the Wholistic Fitness Lifestyle Principles and Fitness Disciplines. We’ll integrate the outdoor sport of your choice too. You’ll end up with a customized training experience that will forever transform your Wholistic Fitness practices and improve your sport performance. Private Intensives are ideal for beginning students.

Personal Retreats
Come spend one or a few days with me in Durango focusing on the mind, body, or spirit discipline of your choice. You’ll return home with a new experiential understanding of Wholistic Fitness.

Training Camps
Join me for a half-day sport-specific field session on cycling, rock climbing, skiing, sport snowshoeing, or fat-loss. It’s probably not every day you have the opportunity to train alongside a world-class athlete, right? I promise you: this will be one workout experience you’ll never forget!

Tribal Gatherings
Join me and my amazing tribe of spiritual fitness warriors for a once-a-year gathering of the entire Sangha (community). Treat yourself to a long weekend of lecture, discussion, meditation, yoga, strength training, cardio … and mindful eating to fuel it all. Get to know your fellow students from around the world in a beautiful resort setting, and immerse yourself in the theory and practice of Wholistic Fitness. Three fun days that may just change your life …

For more information on all of the above training opportunities, please visit the Tribal Pro Shop!

Not a Quick Fix

“What can I say? The Way that Steve Ilg teaches is not an easy way, not a quick fix, not a seven-steps-to-blah-blah-blah. It is an honest attempt to bring together physical, mental, and spiritual, for lack of a better word, training. Before you beat yourself silly, I urge you to contact Steve and talk to him.”

– Michael Bane, in Over the Edge

So Original

“I knew I needed a new program but was lost. Steve’s work is so original. It involves more than just sport-specific training … what a bore that is! This work has filled something that was missing in my life, and I am much stronger on the bike!”>

– Lizette Rolland, former Mexican National Cross Country Mountain Bike Champion

Requesting and Receiving Guidance

“WF is real; I don’t view it as doing business as much as requesting and receiving guidance. High-pressure sales people masquerading as ‘trainers’ do business.”

– Michael Bane, in Over the Edge


“I’ve never felt this solid on a bike before! Thanks!”>

– Chris Wherry, National Road Race Champion

Requesting and Receiving Guidance

“WF is real; I don’t view it as doing business as much as requesting and receiving guidance. High-pressure sales people masquerading as ‘trainers’ do business.”

– Ron Zolnick, Ladera Ranch, CA

Integrates the Mind/Body Connection

“That HP PROP® class was awesome. I’ve never had a class that integrates the mind/body connection so well. Definitely going back for more. Thanks, Steve!”

– Rich Fletcher, owner/, Durango, Colorado

A Mentoring Relationship

“I love the Humble and Accessible Attitude and the Close Personal Open Friendship and Mentoring Relationship I feel when receiving your advice. I haven’t felt your Willingness to Share and your Giving Openness from any other teacher or coach I had. I really appreciate getting your close personal mentoring guidance to explore and reach into my inner physical and spiritual potential knowing you have gone a lot farther than me in exploring them through outdoor sports.”

– Fidel Garza, Monterrey, Mexico

Influences Every Area to Help My Game

“Steve, I love my program! This work influences every area to help my game. I like the work you’ve done for me and can’t wait to continue on this path.”

– Michael Richter, former New York Rangers goaltender and Olympic and Stanley Cup Champion

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