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America’s Best 10k; The Bolder Boulder, 43 years older! – ilgVlog#220

Jun 04, 2023

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      America’s Best 10k; The Bolder Boulder, 43 years older! – ilgVlog#220 This Weeks Video link https://youtu.be/i_N5NQV3xEM 13:43-minutes Voted America’s Best 10k by Runners World, Dewa and I road trip to my old h(om)etown of Boulder, Colorado so I can have Dewa experience the surreal experience of running into Folsom Field (the CU […]

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How To Wholistically Taper For A Top Tier 10k – ilgVlog#219

May 29, 2023

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  Imagine doing several hours of pro trail work. Into caregiving for your dementia-challenged 93 year-old mom day after today. Into?  Singlehandedly coaching and supervising 7 7th graders on our MTB Club.  Any one of those tasks would certainly test the skill sets of any 20 year-old these days.  That’s how I open our Vlog […]

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ASICS Meta Speed Sky – ilgVlog#218

May 21, 2023

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  ASICS Meta Speed Sky – ilgVlog#218 This Weeks Video link https://youtu.be/4FZgMuM4k0I 10:21-minutes: “These aren’t shoes, these are MISSILES for your feet!” – Coach Steve Ilg, ilgVlog#218  Inspiring footage of “The Horse” doing Hill Repeats several days out from racing in America’s largest 10k; The Bolder Boulder before I offer my impressions of ASICS MetaSpeed […]

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Shiprock 1/2 Marathon – ilgVlog#217

May 14, 2023

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  11:58-minutes: “Of all cardio disciplines, running is the most noble.  It’s the most noble because it’s the most naked.” – Steve Ilg, THE OUTDOOR ATHLETE (Johnson Press, 1985) It was over a quarter century ago when I last raced a 1/2 marathon.  Voted as one of the top 3 Marathons in the US – […]

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