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ilgVlog132; SkiMo into Regional XC Win!

Oct 23, 2021

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  https://youtu.be/FE1-vq77lOU ilgVlog132; SkiMo into Regional XC Win! 12:37 minutes.  Challenge:  Find a YouTube Channel that has and continues to deliver any higher, any more diversified and beautifully inspiring wholistic content than Steve Ilg YouTube Channel!   Look forward to seeing your submissions and learning from them!  ilg just a Beginners on YouTube’ing (is that […]

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ilgVlog131;  Extreme Snowshoe Up High/Dewa Sings!

Oct 15, 2021

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Video link https://youtu.be/aXcD_NOMwEY 10:26 minutes.  Durango’s high country got Blessed by desperately needed autumn snow and your feeble teacher of no-thing took full advantage of the scintillatingly beautiful winterish wonderful and brought back just for your stoke!  Vlog131 opens with another special gift…the gift of Dewa singing!     Check it out;  Share the entire […]

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How To Win A League XC Championship!

Oct 10, 2021

How To Win A League XC Championship!

PREMIERES MONDAY AT 6a MST! Steve Ilg’s Weekly Wholistic Fitness® Vlog! ilgVlog130: https://youtu.be/MM3bnhnp9S0 17:53 minutes. I packed 3 generations of ILG CHI and inspiration into this week’s Vlog. There is s(om)ething for everyone beginning with an heart-opening segment with my going-blind 91 year-old M(om) for whom i caregive, into one of my favorite dual workouts; a skate/gym/skate […]

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ilgVlog 129; Covid Pivot…Tempo vs. Race Pace?

Oct 03, 2021

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  Video Link: https://youtu.be/4bqe9ukDEV4 9:17 minutes. Take 10 and treat your inner spirit to this week’s inspiring ilgVlog featuring a dazzling array of autumnal colors and a heart-crushing pivot for Dewa as she gets burned by a CoVid-inspired policy flaw. Learn about the difference between a Tempo versus a Race Pace workout up high in […]

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