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Timing Is Everything; Dewa Triple PR’s At Colorado State Track Championships! ilgVlog#270

May 18, 2024

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  13 minutes Video link This Week’s AMAZING Vlog! In the end, it was Dewa who was strongest and fastest for her team…this weeks Vlog showcases Dewa’s ability to rise to her best when it matters most. Watch and let Dewa inspire all of us as she wins her 1600m heat at the Tiger Invite […]

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Dewa Qualifies For State Track at Tiger Invite + SkiMo, Climbing, Cycling ilgVlog#269

May 12, 2024

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12 3/4 minutes Video link This Weeks ilg Vlog! The San Juan outdoor athlete options are in full throttle!  SkiMo’ing corn snow, coaching the St.Columba MTB Club, Bouldering, and the big news?  Dewa throws down her best track racing weekend at the Tiger Invitational in Grand Junction to qualify for next weeks State Track Championship […]

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The BANDHA’s! Stop Leaking Your Life Force! – ilgVlog #268

May 05, 2024

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‘ 22 minutes Video link https://youtu.be/JkMZ4Gq6A-Y Mula Bandha. Uddiyanna Bandha. Jaladhara Bandha. In case you didn’t know?  These 3 internal locks are your BEST FRIENDS because together they are known as “MahaBandha” or “The Great Lock” and they are the sealants of our innate Life Force known in the yogic sciences as Prana.  This weeks […]

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SKELETAL TRACTION; Why You NEED It and How To Practice It – Plus DEWA Track racing and St. C MTB Club! ilgVlog#267

Apr 28, 2024

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  SKELETAL TRACTION; Why You NEED It and How To Practice It – ilgVlog#267 16 3/4 minutes Video link This Week’s Vlog Teaching! One reason – a BIG REASON – how I continue to win Overall races, podiums, and series while often dismantling 60+ Age Group racers across several sports?   Because I incorporate unique […]

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