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Beautiful Wholistic Fitness Warriors –

i�m tapping this out to you from the 23rd floor of the Venetian resort in Las Vegas. what a dump this place is. kidding. outside the window, above the well known glitz of the Stardust, the Mirage, the This-And-That my eyes are attracted toward the seductive shoulders and summit of Mt. Charleston. far more enticing to me than the air-conditioned casinos are these piney slopes of Mt. Charleston upon which snow regularly lays and within her timbered flanks rocks and wrens and other precious things play. funny how many people know of The Strip, but few of Mt. Charleston or even of Red Rocks State Park, an old rock climbing haunt i barely remember from one of my former incarnations during this life.

before me, on a grandiose table in this grandiose room, gleams an unguarded box of See�s Candies which calls to me like my Guru, testing my sincerity. why, i wonder, do people even BUY let alone BRING HOME these things? don�t they know that as Ramana Maharshi said, �Environment is stronger than will.�?

then i remember, we are here to decompress. it�s quite okay to share the Dance with See�s Candies…hold her hand for a while, taste of her velvety charms. but only once in a while. that is key. today however, even See�s has lost enchantment over my will. i�m still a bit forlorn and unlike others, when sad, it is starving, not eating, that appeals most to me. the external void begets my inner void.

after a day and a half of working with private clients here, i now await the arrival of my Fitness Princess, Kathy. trotting along with her will be a scantily clan of hard-core fitness and yoga teachers surely ready to paint the town red. make that neon red. or, perhaps kundalini red? i don�t know how merry i shall be this time around…i�m still on semi auto-pilot from Stephan�s passing and have had but few precious quiet and alone moments to process the grief which streams through me.

this morning was one such quality moment, however. courtesy of WF Benefactor, MG…i have both a road and mountain bike available for my use when i come to Vegas. so it was within the morning desert wind and among the rock tossed shores of Lake Mead, i pedaled my mountain bike. hard. i cranked well post Zone 3 Heart Rate and held it there in time trial fashion, negotiating the tricky singletrack as if i was back on the Colorado pro circuit. typical of my approach to spiritual fitness therapy, i figure that high intensity training will surely process egoic tethers of my heartache over Stephan.

it worked. sort of.

oh, oh…the phone just rang announcing the arrival of my merry fitness clan…only the Buddha knows what the next two nights shall bring…my duty as yogi remains unchanged; to be with All of it and to attach to none of it…even the sadness laying like late summer snow among this neon inspired fun.

i close this meditation to you, my beautiful Students of our humble but powerful Way, with some recent correspondence that may – or not – help you along your own day…

Keep your Practice strong…

coach ilg


Dear Coach-

Could you please expand on your philosophy regarding �softening�? My thoughts are: when we ski ice, we soften the ski, as pressure makes the ski skid. Similar? Should we soften the body through the breath? I bow to you collective knowledge.

– Student Scott, NM

Student Scott –

your study is going in the Appropriate direction. continue to follow its energy line…but never forget, that it is hardness that opens the door to softness and remains the �doorman� endlessly…this is where many lose the inner Lessons. keep the deep fiber stuff, keep the structure, keep the yang…

don’t ‘think’ too much about finding softness.


feel her whispers…


Dear Coach Ilg,

I’m very sorry to hear the news about your friend. It sounds like he touched you in many positive ways and that you will always have his influence with you in your life. We can all be thankful for that.

I was just thinking on my way to work today about how great it would be to have more HP Yoga video’s to buy and there you are talking about it in your message. I spent a week in Chicago last week and had the opportunity to take a Yoga class and told everyone about Wholistic fitness and your tapes. Hopefully you will get some additional sales as a result. Other than that I’m not sure what I can do to help the process, but I will keep spreading the word.

Take care of yourself during this time and know that all of your students are sending their thoughts your way.

– Kevin

Beautiful Student Kevin –

thank you for your kindness.

yes, just bringing other’s awareness to the dharma of WF is enough…

you really only need to say one thing to them…

they’ll sense the sparkle in your eye and the chi in your presence…and those that are truly ready for self transformation through fitness…they’ll arrive at our Temple with humble heart and ready to study within…

i bow to your Practice…

Dear Steve –

I LOVE your tapes!!! I have been a true believer in HP yoga for 2 years now, since I started with your beautiful Kathy at The Athletic Club. Put me in your next videos, it would be an honor!



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