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Of Rumi, Abyss�s, and Student Sweetness…

Namaste Noble Fitness Warriors! –

�We are the mirror as well as the face in it.

We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity.

We are pain and what cures pain.

We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours.�

– Rumi

When i would climb frozen waterfalls with no rope

i would sometimes look into the ice as a type of mirror…

that way, i could see if it was Fear

or Freedom looking back at me.

Doing this was a source of calm,

especially as spindrift avalanches poured down,

threatening my fragile, ant like progress up the ice wall.

When i would climb frozen waterfalls with no rope

i would see the blue sky as a type of mirror…

that way, i could see if it was Fear

or Freedom hovering above me.

Doing this was a source of ease

especially when my forearms and calves ran so thick with fatigue

i questioned whether to continue up at all…or just…fall.

When i would climb frozen waterfalls with no rope

i would see the earth below as a type of mirror…

that way, i could see if it was Fear

or Freedom looking up at me.

Doing this was a source of joy

knowing that should the Great Abyss call me hither,

i would simply shatter myself right back

into myself.

These days, of course,

i barely manage climbing into and out my bed

let alone up frozen waterfalls.

The longer i stay within the comfort of this Southern California current,

the more i seem to forget all about mirrors,


and the Abyss.

When I meditate and grow more clear

my eyes open

to the smoggy haze of this cloudless Valley.

What is being reflected now?

I hope you in-joy this update of DIRECT LINES.

Thank you for all your kind words

and the sincerity of your Warrior efforts to Rise Above.

I would also like to welcome and thank the already growing students of

my HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA classes over in West LA…thank you for your support!

May your Practice forever be strong…

– coach ilg


Dear Steve,

DIRECT LINES IS GREAT! I am deeply sorry for the loss of your spiritual mentor, Stephan. My own mentor too, Bill Strausbaugh, passed along several years ago, his picture is in my office and i get to visit with Bill every day. i am so lucky to have met the man. i feel the same about you. i leave you with a favorite quote of Bill Strausbaughs.



Student Kendo


Dear Teacher-

So sweet to receive your blessings and beatitudes.Great to have the journal (DIRECT LINES) in techno form. It will be an anchor of stability/inspiration from my vababondings. Yes amidst the lower life chaos that is CONSUMING modern mans soul, your life/teachings are refined and counterbalances pointing our spirits heavenward via transcendental physicality’s.

Yesterday while walking gazed at white clouds and felt such connective joy flowing.Understood mind is everywhere and nowhere as our true eternal homeless home.

A little poem was brief guest of my soul this week:






Thank you again and it is always a special pleasure to commune with a fellow modern mystic.

dave brydges


Dear Coach,

YOUR VIDEO WAS GREAT. im getting pretty comfortable with the poses, but your balance was awesome.

– tim bachman

mercer island, WA


Coach –

I went to to place my order for some more FORTUNE

DELIGHT tea and the skin care products you recommended, but got completely turned around. Just for

clarification, I should order:

1) Kandesn Cleansing Cream (#330104)

2) Cleansing Foam (#330304)

3) Kandesn Balancing Splash (#330414)

4) Kandesn Deep Moisture Lotion Fragrance Free (#330714)

– Student Hakado Ru

Dear Student Hakado Ru –

you got it, that is the standard skin program (use steps 1&2 in the shower).. now, to throw in another wrinkle (another ilg herbal secret)…what i often do is use Oi-Lin Hand & Body Lotion (#380314) instead of #4 above.

using this product, you will get WAY more for the price, plus the hydration of the lotion is superb for the face but also the elbows, hands, arms, and body. the skin is such an important organ and this product nourishes it like nothing else. remember, Oi-Lin Hand & Body Lotion is #380314. you get 8 fl. oz for $34 (instead of 4 fl. oz for $30 with #4 above).

i�ve got to re-iterate this: with ALL SUNRIDER products, just a TINY amount is all that is needed! these are extremely concentrated formulas, unlike conventional products that are designed so that you have to use a lot of product! with SR, using pearl sized drops go a LONG WAY!!!!!

– glad to see that you understand that some herbs must be used on top of the skin, not just through the mouth!

here�s to shiny, regenerative, healthy skin!



welcome to formal online WF training

(under Teacher Sheader):

Dr. Tim Bachman

Mercer Island, WA

congratulations on receiving your STUDENT INKA

to formal online WF Student

(under Teacher Sheader):

Dr. Scott Adams

Hobbs, NM

Dear Steve,

I wanted to let you know that I purchased your book – THE WINTER ATHLETE – and I absolutely love it!

I love the quotes throughout the book, particularly the Rumi quote. I

feel like your book speaks to my spirit,coming from a background of trail

running, mountain biking, martial arts, dance and yoga. I really appreciate

the way you have woven the yogic philosophy and meditation throughout and emphasized the importance of both in attaining peak performance. Different people have told me that I should just concentrate on one sport to really “excel” but I find that I am at my best when I can express myself through a variety of physical disciplines.Thanks for writing The Winter Athlete, it’s my new fitness bible.





Coach Ilg,

Hey man, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your new forum. I wanted to tell you that there’s something about the way you write that’s so authentic… I really dig that. Even though I’ve completed 10+ updates it wasn’t until I met you at Ron Jone’s wedding last year that I got it. You and your wife are real people……no small feat. I’m not really sure what exactly it is but I know it. The practice has changed my life forever.

Your friend in this crazy life,

Franz (joe) Gutcher



greetings Coach,

i’m so grateful for the “daily meditations” section on the WF website. for those of us living so many valleys from our Tribal Leader and our brothers and sisters of WF, it’s wonderful medicine.

coming into the last week of Jeweled Lotus, will forward the cycle summation this weekend. it’s been transformational as all-ways.

i extend my Heart to you, Coach and offer my prayers for the passing of your Dear One. “God gave us memories so that we might enjoy roses in December.” – James Barrie.

much Love,

warrior student, chris roche


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