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Motivation For What Lies Within

Namaste Noble Warriors!

Enthusiasm – or dedication – is known as �Alolya� in yoga. It is considered a critical quality to progress in Yoga. Emerson, a great Western poet whom studied of things Eastern, coined one of my favorite quotes, �Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.� When working with a new student, I know that if he or she is enthusiastic, then I�ve got a warrior on my hands and success will come, no matter what.

Most people lose motivation for fitness training quickly. The statistics show that most new fitness programs are orphaned within three months. Even yoga students, so zealously enraptured with early breakthroughs, often lose the luster of their awakening within a few years. Why? Often, it�s because people (even yogis) tend to search externally for motivation. It as precisely at this threshold between external and internal motivation where students run toward or away from Wholistic Fitness and her branch of High Performance Yoga. I teach an inwardly motivated Path. It�s not for everyone.

I have never coached from a cheerleading stance. I do not train my Teachers to be hand holders either. If I meet you in the gym for a planned workout, I don�t need to be hearing about your girlfriend or boyfriend or who said this about that. I�ll show up focused and prepared to stay that way until the end of the session. I�ll expect the same from you. Small talk can wait. Spiritual development cannot. I�ll train a celebrity the same way as I train the construction worker; my primary duty as a Wholistic Fitness Teacher is to point my students toward self cultivation of what lies within, not ahead. You enjoy reading about and perhaps even practicing Wholistic Fitness (and HP Yoga) because you know it builds a better body and a more fit mind. I can capably guide you toward those noble intents, but it remains you who must be willing to do the work…or at least learn to do the work! If my Path requires anything from you? It�s enthusiasm. You�ve got to be enthused because dedication to any spiritual or personal growth process demands it.

When I speak about enthusiasm, I am not talking about a caffeinated, emotional excitement. If you need to drink coffee, wire into headphones, or chug a �turbo tea� just to get �up� for your workout, you need help. You need spiritual help! You need WF help! Can you tell that I am wary of overly zealous exercisers? WF is celebrating over 20 years of professionally guiding students through difficult workouts and lifestyle management techniques designed to inspire and elevate us naturally. I can spot shallow fervor and unwise training patterns a mile away. Depending upon any externals for energy is unhealthy. Likewise, exchanging synthetic substitutes for wholeness and substance depletes inner power. Relying upon engineered and synthetic pills and powders can lead to dis-ease of the liver and other organs which are forced to re-arrange isolated nutrients into a semblance of whole food. Meanwhile, the body also has to de-toxify its system if fed a steady diet of non regenerative foods, sounds, skin care, and even thoughts! Remember, energy gained through external, processed, and synthesized ways is fleeting and unsuited for the long term commitment to the difficulties inherent to self realization.

Genuine motivation – the kind that gets you to be fearless of anything (abhaya mudra) must be animated from a spiritual desire to discover what lies within, not ahead. If you want bigger or prettier pair of biceps, that�s great! I love a nice set of bi�s. I have to work like hell to sport the puny pair I have! Regardless, developing a better body should always be a by-product of a spiritual desire to know yourself better! Train to get better biceps not to show off (well, maybe once in a while!), but to be a better human being. Focus on the inner workout, and the quality of the outer ones will improve along the way. So too, will your biceps.

I am attempting to get you to see that WF training is not so much the difference between choosing tofu over meat, but rather knowing the difference between outer or ego desires and inner or spiritual desires. It is the difference between �ecstasy� and �enstasty�.

�I have been going through a sort of metamorphism and have found

that the Wholistic Fitness training I am undertaking with you is in fact a lot of spiritual work. Many things that I realized in your programs have changed the direction in my life…thank you.�

– Grant Couture

Vancouver, Canada

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