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the official nutrition of

Wholistic Fitness


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by coach ilg


“I have to say again how pleased I am with my Sunrider products.

My wife and I start the day with a cup of Calli tea before she goes to

work. She likes it very much and says she feels better when she drinks it.”

– WF Student Don Bledsoe

North Carolina

Dear Coach Ilg

I sent out an e-mail to friends about Sunrider Herbs the other day.

I’ve since talked to one person who wanted to know if there was something for

recovery from long runs in the SUNRIDER program?

Student Hantman –

the most difficult challenge about getting conventionally conditioned people turned onto herbs is having them realize the WHOLISTIC principle upon which whole food nutrition pivots. the best recovery from long runs is of course an empowered immune system and endocrine system! thus, in SUNRIDER, endurance athletes can totally strengthen those two systems by taking several caps per day of CONCO, ALPHA 20C, and PRIME AGAIN. bombproof immunology makes for bombproof, quality training workouts…THAT is key!

but those formula’s listed above are already 3 of the 5 formulas already present in one SR product: QUINARY (which also has LIFESTREAM for the circulatory system and ASSIMILAID for digestive fitness).

this is why Dr. Chen reminds us of the importance of the REGENERATION PHILOSOPHY: don’t eat isolated nutrients which have no synergy (life force), but eat a variety of high quality, broad spectrum whole foods that are highly and intelligently concentrated, enhanced, and formulated so ALL the cells of the body kick into high gear from a nutrient transfer/assimilation perspective . thus the absolute BEST thing to do is of course, the full ILG SUPREME SUNRIDER routine:

a) NUPLUS + QUINARY + VITAFRUIT = 1x per day


b) FORTUNE DELIGHT + SUNNY DEW = continuously

after long runs an ILG SUPREME shake (see A above) is ideal for recovery along with some moderate chain carbs with some protein such as rice and tofu (with Dr. Chen’s vegetarian Secret Sauce of course!)

To REALLY empower the endurance athlete, you CANNOT DO BETTER than adding SUNRIDER’s Siberian Ginseng and Korean White Ginseng and Energy Plus to your normal SR intake. To liberate even MORE energy from impacted fat on the body during runs, take several ACTION CAPS before your run! you will NOT want to stop running!

FORTUNE DELIGHT remains the ONLY ‘during cardio’ drink i use. the energy run from the fat metabolism is insane!

perhaps one day, the Awakened Athletes will somehow unite and see the foolishness of eating synthetic powders and pills and engineered recovery drinks. the Wisdom of the Body is soooo much more powerful than all that commercialized crap. There is no ancient wisdom or love in the modern engineered products, just clever marketing by monetarily motivated companies.

proud of your Devotion to Wholeness…

Eat An Herb,

coach ilg


Hey Coach –

i started on sun rider products a few months back and i love them and can really feel them working. cool stuff.

Coach Ilg:

i don’t associate with anything but what is world-class. nothing else is worth the beautiful time spent here on Mother Earth… SUNRIDER is a reflection of eating world-class whole foods. glad you are enjoying their presence in your body. it only gets better and better as the nutrient saturation and cleansing effect occurs over the upcoming months and years.

Student Todd:

last monday night my wife’s gaming horse came over on top of her and in the fall has broken her pelvis in six places, we have her healing work cut out for us. what herds and other stuff would you recomend to start the healing process.

Coach Ilg:

immediately start beefing up her immune system; PRONTO! this means at LEAST two ILG SUPREME’s per day plus extra:

ALPHA 20C (get it in bulk and add three scoops to the ILG SUPREME)

JOI; food for support the healing tissue matrix of the bones and CT

ESE; works with JOI to calm the nervous system so healing can occur

take JOI + ESE independent from ILG SUPREME and do not break up the capsules of JOI or ESE, just have her swallow them. 2 caps, 3x day.

CALLI or FORTUNE DELIGHT throughout the day to facilitate cell uptake abilities.

Student Todd:

what do the pelvis and lower leg area represent from an injury stand point.

Coach Ilg:

since she is not a formal WF online Student, i can only answer this in general terms…from a yogic standpoint , it’s all lower chakra related…sounds like the Brahma Granthi trying to process unfinished spiritual work leftover from former lifetimes in which your wife did not rise above her egoic patterns and do Higher spiritual work. this lifetime, her Soul has ‘invited’ this incident for another chance to Rise Above. from the Western body/mind perspective this area is a major confluence of energetics in the body, the big concept here is relationship. In the hips we find bodily expression of fears and conflicts with our security, our family, our lovers. The pelvis is the center of movement, when the pelvis is out of horizontality, the spine is out alignment. The type of bodywork that I do prioritizes getting the pelvis into alignment. Once this center is open and aligned, our most sacred energy (known as KUNDALINI or the Goddess Kundala in yoga) is stirred awake and can begin Her journey upward through all the energy centers in the spine. our spiritual power is thus ignited and begins transforming our awareness into higher levels of consciousness. Smashing one’s spine is one helluva Wake Up call to begin cultivating a sincere spiritual practice…i know…i did the same thing but rock climbing, not horse riding. The spiritual lesson is basically this: If we are afraid of what Higher Work demands of us, we may tend to shut down this area or get injured here. Most people are. This is one reason why lower back pain is so prevalent in our society.

Warrior Todd:

i thank you for your time and energy. mabe some day i can help you or the WF way.

Coach Ilg:

You are helping me (everyone) by Practicing being a kinder, compassionate, and more spiritually fit human being. Please watch your spelling while writing me. All spiritual work begins with Awareness.


Dear Coach Ilg –

I’ve been e-mailing with a friend about Sunrider. {She got very defensive and sarcastic about the herbs.} Since I’m definitely at the bottom of the learning curve with these products any suggestions are appreciated. I’m likely to not push this any further with these folks. They’ll come when they’re ready.

Student Hantman

Dear Student Hantman –

i have read her response sorry she chose narrow mindedness and meanness over open mindedness and politeness. one easily senses her anger, lack of joy in her life and lower chakra vibe. this is fine. it is where she is at. i just want you to practice kindness toward her. leave the herb subject alone. if she wants to pursue it further (like when she gets injured, plateaus in training, or see’s how beautiful, ripped, lean, kind, and caring you are becoming) she’ll come back.

in the meantime, you steady yourself on the herbs and in your training. as YOUR spiritual fitness starts vibrating Higher, people will become more attracted to you…just like bees to honey…you become ‘sweeter’ to people and sweeter people are attracted to you instead of the fear /anger based crowd like your friend there.

funny, if a several time World Championship competitor encouraged me to just try completely harmless herbs that he swore by for twenty years, i sure as hell would have jumped at the chance. but, your friend is stuck in the conditioned, predictable, conventional mindset so, we just let her be and return to our own Practice.


Dear Coach Ilg –

Your person’s testimony about his race was very impressive. I was interested in knowing what the drink was that was mentioned. Trish Childers mentioned to e-mail you directly for the drink. Thank you very much.


Dear Willo –

thank you my friend for writing. but that is just typical of SUNRIDER’s powerful impact on people’s lives and their health…i used SUNRIDER to fuel me into five World Championships in four different sports AND overcome a paralyzing spinal injury. Like Trish, i’ve been with SUNRIDER for nearly 20 years…and each year gets better with the herbs. Although i am 40 years old with an elite level of skin abuse from my mountaineering career, people continuously think i’m around 28 years old! get on this stuff, baby! it’s way too good! here is the main formula i use both personally and professionally in Wholistic Fitness:

�����PRODUCT USE�����

once again, due to POPULAR DEMAND, here is THE main SUNRIDER formula for Wholistic Fitness Warriors the world over. drink one or two ILG SUPREME�s per day. In between drink FORTUNE DELIGHT with a squirt of SUNNY DEW (#103011):


Into your Sunrider Shaker Bottle (code#53011) mix:

� a little bit of filtered water just to suspend the herbs from the bottom of the bottle…

� 1 five-gram package of Fortune Delight to drop bodyfat/get energy throughout the day from the slow burn of impacted bodyfat and keep the cellular cleansing component of nutrition strong. usually either Lemon (#101029) or Raspberry (#101049). i always keep a couple flavors in stock.

� 1 package of Vitashake (155010) to supply main nutritional core: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbs, proteolytic enzymes, in whole food form. You can also use a slightly less expensive (and less superior version) of Vitashake called, Nu-Plus which comes in several flavors (i prefer Pina-Banana in bulk).

� 1 long squirt of Vitafruit (#102011) for a major dosage of concentrated fruit, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.

� 1 five-gram package Quinary (#190509) to support, balance, and empower all five organ (or element) systems of the body; endocrine, digestive, t-cell immunity, respiratory, and circulation.

� shake it up.

� add more water top it off, chug it or not…and bingo; another day of feeling KING OF THE WORLD BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

i drink at least one, but sometimes two ILG SUPREME�s per day…especially if training hard, working hard, or travel-stressed

when i first started Sunriding, my body craved the Ilg Supreme constantly for several months before my body started to cleanse and balance. i would drink the recipe 3 x daily. couldn�t get enough of it. it was like my body KNEW and it would not let ANYTHING stand in its Way toward achieving cellular purity which results in a Higher Vibrating state of being and awareness. it just felt WAY too good! that was twenty years ago…and this morning�s ILG SUPREME felt JUST as powerful!

REMEMBER: drink FORTUNE DELIGHT/SUNNYDEW (#103011) throughout the day to have crazy good energy liberated from metabolization of impacted fat stores. just carry it around with you in your SR shaker bottle. great way to turn people onto the herbs as well because they�ll ask,

�What the hell is that stuff you are drinking?�


�Herbs? What do they do?�

�Well, this stuff is called Fortune Delight. It gives me great energy from liberating impacted bodyfat and also keeps my cells cleansed.�

Everybody needs to drop bodyfat. This makes walking around with Fortune Delight a perfect �gateway� to share SR with others. If you are a SR Distributor, they can join online under you and pretty soon, your monthly check completely pays for your personal use of the herbs!

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