For the past year beneath the Sacred Peak, Ananda and i have brought the Fire and Light of the Steep, Direct Path of HP Yoga – the yogic subdiscipline of Wholistic Fitness – to a small Warrior Tribe of Seekers fearless to do the Inner Work.

Among them was one warrior, whose appearance in the Cave each week was as steadfast as the arrival of Grandfather Sun’s and Grandmother Moon’s dance across the sensual shape of the Sacred Peak. (photo of the Sacred Peak by coach, last week)

The final HP Yoga Class of 2006 was a well advertised “HP Yoga Strong Flow” that brought out only the Highest of Warriors…including our 2006 HP Yogi of the Year; Dr. Bob. From L-R; top row: chris, ben, sara, maria,valerie. bottom row; L-R: Teacher Ananda, 2006 HP Yogi of the Year Dr. Bob, and coach. not shown; photographer and our newest HP Yogi; Bill.

It is with deep honor that i give to the worldwide WF Sangha; Dr. Bob Morrissey of Flagstaff, Arizona as my 2006 High Performance Yogin of the Year!

Dr. Bob, as is his HP Yogi name, racked up 44 HP Yoga Classes this year,
demonstrating the epitome of Warrior Consistency (Abhyasa), a number which is quite something considering i only offer one class per week.

Dr. Bob received a “HP Yogi Warrior Of The Year” certificate along with a very
special Rudraksha Mala from Coach that has been simmering in the WF Temple Zendo for an entire year. (For the yogic story of Rudraksha Beads, visit the DIRECT LINES cave in the WF SanghaLounge!).

A champion flying disc athlete as well as a devoted distance runner, Dr. Bob is the precise type of multi-disciplined Warrior that hallmarks a HP Yogi. It ain’t fancy poses that gets a Warrior to Enlightenment; it is Discipline across the human capacities. And Dr. Bob is unafraid to go for long mountain runs directly into a HP Yoga Class; perfect! His journey through HP Yoga
has produced a long string of insights, muscle aches, and ever ascending chi!

DL was lucky enough to nab a sparse interview with the seemingly yet not really agoraphobic Doctor
before autographic hounds surrounded the esteemed Sadhaka Turned Swami:

DL: Dr. Bob, what do you think of your HP Yogi Award and the special Rudraksha Mala from coach?

Dr. Bob: oh God, that was my worse class i ever. i hurt. that was tough.

DL: Uh, yeah, but what do you think about the recognition?

Dr. Bob: my entire left leg is shaking.

DL: Okay, uh, what was your most memorable moment of the past 44 classes with Coach and Ananda and the Flagstaff HP Yogi’s?

Dr. Bob: i think i have to go home now.

Wow, well, there you have it; The Sparse Words From A Tired Champion Warrior Athlete. Hey, this Tribe has allWays been just about the Practice, baby!

COMING UP: The 2006 WF Online Student Of The Year Award! Could it be YOU?!?!

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