I have to tell you, Oh Noble WF Sangha,
it is an email like this one that makes my heart quiver with Sacred Joy…
to think that Noble Warrior Tom was reflecting on my DL Teachings while
creating such a beautiful formation…wow.

i will only assume that those beautiful flagstones are Arizona Flagstone!

to Noble Student Tom,
tonight? DL is in honor of your exchanging a
“big city” for a “faraway sunset”…

may all CPA’s practice a reFormation like you…

you honor the spiritual underpinnings of WF in your skill and bravery,

jingle bells and flagstone that is appreciated,

coach ilg

Are your t’s all cotton? If so, I need some large ones…

And your book of poems…

here is a picture of my “competition” a reformed cpa and now a practicing stonemason..i shaped and squared every stone ..placed every one..

anyhow…much respect to you and joy.


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