“I’ve always said that a WF Warrior must be content with being an ‘Endless Beginner’!”

Coach shows the “Oh Well!” gesture after a very cold and windy Club Training Ride of 53 miles averaging 18.3 mph. A former Category 2 Racer a long time ago and Coach to several “Hall of Fame” cyclists, Coach was denied an Upgrade to a Category 3 from a 4 in spite of top ten and podium finishes in nearly every race he entered last season. He was, however, upgraded to “Expert” Category in MTB racing, a level where he also used to race at in Colorado in the eighties. Coach did not race bikes for over a decade during his Los Angeles “spiritual mission” of Yoga Teaching in the big city. At 45 years old, how high can the MultiDisciplined Mountain Yogi and Teacher re-climb the high Standard of Cycling once again?

“I don’t know,” he replied, “however, as a Spiritual Athlete, it does not matter what Category you race in. What matters is that you develop the Will Power to overcome negative habits of mind that prevent you from toeing the Start Line and doing your Best against your peers. Will Power helps us overcome the desires that lead us away from our Inner Self. The only Race to win that matters to me is the Human Race; my desire is to stand on top of the Podium of the Human Race; to be Enlightened. Because i have chosen to be a Teacher more than a Sadhaka, it might take me many more lifetimes, however,
i have learned a thing or two about pacing this lifetime, and i Know that i am on pace for Enlightenment. This is what turns me on, not getting Category upgrades against sport-specific athletes! i learned long ago that to be a Master of Wholistic Fitness is synonymous with being an Endless Beginner.”

Dear Steve Ilg,
The following request to change your USCF category has been denied by USA Cycling:
Member: Steve Ilg
License: Road Racer
Request to change category from Cat 4 to Cat 3

Member Explanation/Resume:
2006 Race Results
6/4 Sandia Crest Hill Climb 4th Place/1st in 40+
7/29 SnowBowl Hill Climb 6th Place/2nd in 40+
7/30 Wupatki Road Race 8th place/1st in 40+
8/19 Old Fashioned MTB Race 3rd Place/1st in 40+
8/26 AZ State RR Championships 6th Place in 40-44

Request was denied on 2006-12-15 16:31 by Donald Melhado

USA Cycling Response from Donald Melhado:
I have denied your cat 3 upgrade request because masters races and MTB races do not count for upgrade points – – you may use masters races for a cat 3 upgrade with an “experience” upgrade – 25 mass start USCF races with 10 top 10 finishes or 20 “pack” finishes with fields of more than 50.
Don Melhado
USCF administrator

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