Is this coach ilg now appearing in Yoga Journal? Below, i settle the rummor once and for all!

A handful of Alert WF Warriors wrote in to ask if that was me in the February, 07 issue of Yoga Journal.

“I don’t know,” came my reply, “i don’t subscribe to mainstream magazines. And Yoga Journal sure as hec never asked my permission.”

“I’m sure it’s you..you are in Vrkasana balanced on tree roots by a lake. You are in your capri’s and your WF Training Mala is on your left wrist.”

“I don’t remember doing a photo shoot like that,” i told another who wrote in.

“Dude, no yogi has a backside like you, it’s you. i know it is,” wrote one more.

then, Most Noble WF Online Student NWSM took it upon himself to cut out the picture and send it to me. It arrived yesterday.

i will officially end the rumor:


dat’s me, awlright.

It was taken a few years ago when i still lived in LA.

Mike Powell, a WF Student and former bike racing teammate of mine took that shot. Mike – of Sports Illustrated fame and photog veteran of 3 Tour de Frances as well as the photographer for THE WINTER ATHLETE strength training shots – got that pic of me near Malibu Lake up in the Santa Monica Mountains during a day-long shoot with several top yogini models (yup, that was a Blessed Day indeed!) for Getty Images. During the walk back to the Getty trailer, Mike yanked me aside as his mind created this shot and said, “Ilg, scramble down this embankment and do a pose while standing on those tree roots, the light is great right now…hurry!”

“No worries,” i said, dashing through the bramble. the moment i merged with the Tree Energy i recalled my years of doing “Touching Soul Of Tree,” in the Ai Imawa Taoist Yoga Postures. Immediately sensing a wonderful union with this cherished Sycamore, my body just went into Tree Pose (Vrkasana). Mike’s talent took care of the rest.

Throughout the years, many stock images of your ol’ coach doing all sorts of sports and fitness activities have been caught floating around in various books and magazines. Keep your eye out and maybe one will catch you with your Spine Straight and your Breath Conscious.

Great Awareness Tribal Warriors!

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