Hi Steve,
A steep path indeed my friend. I had dinner with {a fellow WF Online Student} tonight. We talked and talked about the WF Path, the grade, the positive effort, and the mystery that is Ilg.

I thought it might bring a smile to el coache’s face to know that we up here in the NW think of you even when we aren’t out sweating somewhere on a lone trail.
One of the topics that we explored a bit was the idea that every flight of stairs, every trail terminus, every peak, and every time one arrives back at home or the car and begins the process of peeling off layers, that perhaps that IS the podium that some of us aspire to. The ones with no other humans around and only one judge… oneself.
Every time I go out my door I am setting records.  The trail may twist and turn, the path may disappear from view at times, yet I always arrive at the finish line in time to cheer myself for having the momentum to be there.
Holiday Cheers to you and your family,
student chreist


Blessings to you Coach on this G(o)od day,
As has been My Blessing for these past 4 plus years, I take sacred time towards the end of each month to review all your DL postings. Re-read them and make notes in my WF Yoga Journal.  Sometimes I must reread a line or posting over and over again to GET it—-never pass a word or Teaching until I TAF I have at least got an inkling of its Teaching. December was chock full of JUICE—-caffeinated high test fuel for my Practice and Journey……Thank You.

My heart-felt Thanks to You and Joy for your time, attention and generosity in keeping the Sangha heading Inward and thus Upward.  I love you both and send heart to heart hugs in this m(om)ent.  

student shel

PS—since you haven’t announced on-line student of the year yet maybe you are accepting nominations? I nominate Student Shawna who not only made it to the Sacred Peak…….she kicked “arse” in SR volume and presents us with such wonderful photos.

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