Hey Coach, I’m going to try to make your yoga class tomorrow – I think it should be just the answer to finals stress.

So my sister and my mom both have your Basic Strength HP Yoga DVD now. My sister is doing really well with it (it sounds like anyway) and so far, my mom has only watched it, not actually done it (but it’s a start for her). But she did loan it to her yoga instructor, who apparently loved it and ordered her own copy! I feel so fortunate to have you two right here in Flagstaff!

see you!

the yogi must become a Self Scientist. the workshop of the hip attachments make for a world class teacher of anatomy; each origin and insertion of the muscles orchestrating the hip joint? they often come fully loaded with karmic, genetic, and emotional baggage; Warrior BeWare! For those of us who do not shy away from endurance or strength work? We are in for even MORE of a greater battle to free and keep free the energetics within our hips; however, the Greater The Battle? The Greater the Warrior! Warrior UP!
photo by kristianfris.


Dear Coach,
oh my god. until i started doing yoga with you i had NO IDEA how much shit i carry around in my hips! they are sooooo tight! trying to get my hips open is going to be waaaaaaaaaaaaay harder than racing bikes! i don’t know how you do all you do and still keep such a high degree of flexibility! is there ANYTHING MORE i can do to open my hips?! i understand now what you mean about “release your hips and find your Power!” i am determined! i went to a local yoga class and asked the teacher what i can do and she just said that i should ‘accept the tightness and let the internal grace flow into the tightness.’ what does that mean?

your tightness student ever,
mark, WA

Most Noble Warrior With The Angry Hips,
that is another Blessing associated with having a fractured spine and smashed pelvis, i KNOW by DIRECT EXPERIENCE just what it means to be the most inflexible person on the planet! Paralysis is pretty dang stiff!

the tightness in your hips is Fear Based. there is Anger in your hips. there is poision in your hips. poison burns, that is why your hips burn so much once you find a posture that really brings your ‘edge’ up front and center and glaringly painful.

sure you have to ‘accept’ the fact that you, whether in this lifetime or previous ones, have tried to run away from lower chakral work. you’ve tried to hit a home run while not stepping on first base; the lower chakras.

because of the ‘fire’ that is in your hips, i say, “Fight fire (tapas) with fire (tapas).” that is how the brave forest fire fighters take the anger out of raging wildfires down here and i suggest that you do the same technique for your hips. fortunately for you, i have fantastic hip-opening yoga programs in my dvds and books. however, be not attached to any book, dvd, or yoga classes. instead, use Solo Sessions to fight the fire in your hips. Move doing yoga to a Higher Priority; place it in the front of your training disciplines for a while. research the DL Archives for my Teaching; “The Poision In Our Hips.”

taking a namby pamby, oh-everything-is-just-happy-and-good attitude will not work for battling all the fear packed, angry emotional residue that is lurking, growling in your hips. in this Steep and Direct Path, we take the Warrior Approach; ATTACK! rush out onto the BattleField of your Hips like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, both swords drawn (determination and concentration), and begin to SLAY THE DRAGONS within your hips!

be not afraid;
stay devoted to becoming like a cat; free and open and utterly powerful and fast!
this is the Warrior Body! capable of great feats and even greater Love than others for we have not run around our Fear Locked Body…we have SLAYED the root of our Anger and thus
are Transformed!

go now, Oh Noble Warrior, and get beyond the stinging sweat that lies within your hip opening efforts…and keep going until you find the Great Stillness Beyond The Sweat.

i will meet you There.

om so ti,
coach ilg

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