So, i understand that Nike has merged with iPod and has thus begun a marketing
(read spirit-deconditioning) campaign to convince the UnAwakened masses
that to go for a run without being ‘plugged in’ is soooo uncool.

feeble ilg wonders,
“Would Steve Prefontaine train and race with an iPod?”
whatever happened to running while listening to and nourishing one’s own Divinity!?!

am i the only one left on the planet unable and uncaring to find my iPod before a Cardio workout?

what the hell is so terribly bad about listening to the music of self, of breath, of ones own measured footfalls
with the sacred breast of Mother Earth?!?!???!?! i pause and wonder what the Ancient Himalayan trekking Yogis or
or own Ancient Native American footrunners
would think of wearing an iPod while on pilgrimage among the Sacred Peaks?

now, i reflect on all the runners and cyclists that nearly
wreck into me or are startled like electronically buzzed sheep when i run or cycle upon them while they
are so “plugged into” their cherished, expensive, and idiotic iPods.

did Nike* forget or did they just conveniently choose to ignore their roots;
the deeply seated wire-to-wire full best effort by a simple, humble Warrior named,

Pre wanted to win, sure.
Yet, he Knew that how he chose to race
mattered far, far more.

“Racing is not about winning,
it’s about knowing ourselves.”
– coach ilg, 1985

WF Warriors,
we live in dangerous times…
so quick to forget our Root Teachers,
so quick to run toward the next more Imaged Thing,
so quick to sacrifice our Soul Nature for Outer Worldly things and circumstances.

i tell you this, Oh Seeker Of Union;
Stay True To That Which Scares You Most…
even if it means running wire to wire as fast you can
or climbing a rock with no rope to catch you…
for in doing so,
not only will you cultivate your Higher Self,
you will find your Higher Self again
and again
and endlessly again
along a humble, steep, windy Path
attacking a Direct Line up the Highest Summit of all…
a Tiny, Bejeweled Proven Path known as: Wholistic Fitness.

Keep it Real;
Keep it WF.

i love you all, beyond the present incarnation…

coach ilg

* i was one of Nike’s first sponsored extreme athletes in the eighties when they launched their
ACG line. dined and wined by Nike for three years was great; basically a helicopter came by my
home in Colorado and dropped off a huge box of high tech, prototype outdoor sports gear
that i was to train in and provide feedback. i did. they dropped me when their ACG department
fell off in favor of providing a more Ghetto Feel for their basketball department.

Temple Note: coach ilg has held podiums and course records in running distances from 5k to 50 mile trail races.

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