One great master in the nineteenth century had a disciple who was very thick-headed. The master had taught him again and again, trying to introduce him to the nature of his mind. Still he did not get it. Finally, the master became furious and told him:

Look, I want you to carry this bag full of barley up to the top of that mountain over there. But you must not stop and rest. Just keep on going until you reach the top.

The disciple was a simple man, but he had unshakable devotion and trust in his master, and he did exactly as he had been told. The bag was heavy and it took him a long time.

At last, when he reached the top, he dropped the bag. He slumped to the ground, overcome with exhaustion, but deeply relaxed. All his resistance had dissolved, and with it his ordinary mind. At that instant, he suddenly realized the nature of his mind. He ran back down the mountain, and, against all convention, burst into his masters room.

I think I have got it now!I have really got it!

His master smiled at him knowingly.

So you had an interesting climb up the mountain,did you?

– Sogyal Rinpoche

1) The WF Temple Medicine Wheel receives a grace of snow before the Holidays. photo by coach
2) craig ilg, early morning, hiking out of the Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Trail. photo by coach.

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