What follows is an actual Online Training exchange with a very new Student…
May This Exchange Deepen Your Understanding of WF; Her Heart, Her Fierceness, Her Highest Care of Your Highest Self…

dedicated to Practice until the end,
el coache

Dear Coach Ilg,
Your advice on becoming more spiritual and calm was much appreciated. I really
think I do belong in a peaceful, introspective environment. I am already taking
breaths, trying to remeber every 15 minutes to do so.

COACH (interrupting the correspondence):
let us begin with your Spelling…then work toward the Spiritual, okay?
first things first.

in my Tradition,
we use Mindful Spelling as a Way to become more Conscious.
i will not continue any of our facilitations if i spot more than 3 spelling errors, the first will be in honor of Buddha’s patience with the unAwakened, the second spelling error that i see will be to honor the the flow of the Dharma which tolerates all the dance of the gunas (the three forms of the manifest UniVerse) with impeccable beauty, and the third spelling error that i spot will NOT be tolerated due to respect for the Sangha, the community of the like-minded spiritual warriors who are doing their best each day and in myriad ways to Rise Higher. if i allow you to be UnConscious in Spelling, then i am in effect training you to be unConscious in other areas of your life as well, and doing that would mean that i myself am disrespecting and blemishing the Fierce Quality of Love of the Master Teachers of whom i represent by Lineage. i cannot do that.

•? do you understand and accept this Teaching?

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