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“When all the nadis are now full of impurities become purified, then only can the yogi successfully perform pranayama.”


“So, one should practice pranayama with a mind in which the sattivic element prevails until the Sushumna nadi is freed from the impurities.”

Verses 5 & 6, Chapter 2 – Hatha Yoga Pradipika

If you are not doing regular Pranayam or at least mindfully attempting to sustain Ujjayi Pranayam during your asana classes or sessions, do not skip this DL. It will ‘hit’ your cells at a level so that when you do finally Shift Higher and are devoted to raising your Vibrational Fitness above and beyond that of the common man, certain spiritual underpinnings will be in place enabling you to take great flight over your current struggles with duality.

in other words, it is always a go(o)d thing to read DL, if not study it as your Practice of Svadhaya. the Students are are moving Higher Faster and Safer always go straight to DL as their spiritual food. then, they chew on it, contemplate it, and Practice the DharmaTeachings which i interlace between the black and white words of these thousands of entries. All of my effort during these years is not for me. i could take the Divine Downloads that continue to pour through my Practice Sessions and daily life and just run back to the High Mountains of my childhood and suckle all the Wisdom for my own spiritual gain.

yet, that is not Yoga. that is certainly not being a Karma Yogin; Selfless Service which is the type of yogi that i am. soon enough, my public life and track record will be left for the Outer World to ignore or perhaps one day realize. for now, it is important that you and i keep our Practice Strong and Sincere and focused upon Balance Across The Capacities of our Human Body and Spirit. This is known as “Wholistic Fitness” and it is go(o)d stuff!


let us revisit Verse 5 and re-read it to-get-Her (“Her refers to the Princess Kundala; the Kundalini Force at the root of the subtle spine):

“When all the nadis are now full of impurities become purified, then only can the yogi successfully perform pranayama.”

the great Yogi Swatmarama wrote down these two verses – along with the rest of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika – in the 17th century, compiling these words from the orally transmitted Teachings of the Ancient Sources.

these Sutras (thread like) are intended to be short for easy mental consumption by the Student. by ‘easy’ i mean, simple to memorize.

it may require a lifetime or more to actually realize and be able to Practice the Teaching of any one of these hundreds of Sutras.

welcome to yoga.

genuine, ancient yoga.

the type of yoga that can only be understood as it was inTended; from a Teacher With Direct Experience to a sincere, hard sweating Student.

the word “successfully” in the above verse means that the Student finally understands by Direct Experience the difference between Air and Ether, two of the Five Constituents of Prakriti or the manifest universe. the word “successfully” means that the Student can FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY feel the textural difference in the ‘weight of the currents’ from a Pranic or Life Force stance. the only way to get to this incredible stance is to purify the nadis (subtle channels) through assigned breathing Practices known as Pranayama. without nadic purification, the diverse currents will not enter the main Energetic Freeway system of Enlightenment known as Sushumna or the Most Gracious Channel.

what are the ‘impurities’ of these subtle channels? a fractured, overloaded nervous system from too much media, emotional, and mental input (see yesterday’s DL) and overeating, over or undersleeping and imbalanced physical exercise. for example, if we catch ourselves being laterally dominant (always using one hand and one leg system more dominantly in daily life than the other) then, the yogi will not be able to “successfully” perform pranayama. meaning; your most powerful energetics will not enter Sushumna. instead, the pranic currents start agitating the subtle fields of physiology and psychology and you become even more imbalanced. this is why Wholistic Fitness is designed so wisely; to train the physical nervous and muscular system until she is in Balanced Symmetry through cardio, strength training, asana, meditation, and nutrition BEFORE attempt to fan the cosmic fire by pranayama. one reason we have such Imbalanced Yoga Teachers and systems these days is simple; no one is Patient enough to follow the Ancient Way. in this humble Temple beneath the Sacred Peak; we are.

How Clean Is Your Inner Firewood?
Pranayama ignites whatever Inner Fuel you currently contain. If your diet is poor, your fitness imbalanced, and your mind fractured, then Pranayama will only intensify those weaknesses. this is why a Teacher must be working with you one-on-one to help you properly clean up your inner fuel before ignition of your Higher Energies.

in the first years of Practice, we must make fit our nervous system because the nadic system is the subtle aspect of the nervous system. when modern studio yogis go into classes taught by inexperienced ‘teachers’ and begin doing pranayama, the prana will not enter Sushumna because the Student has not been appropriately, accurately, and slowly instructed on how to purify the nadis. coupled with this is the all too frequent fact that the modern yoga student does not Practice the ethical or moral constructs of the ladder of Yoga; the yamas and the niyamas.

until the Etheral Breath (prana) is controlled and directed into and if even Purification work has been done by the Student and actually enters the Sushumna, then Unmani Avasta is attained; the control of the pran into Sushumna. this Podium of the Hatha Yogi is inDeed the attainment of the ‘object’ of Hatha Yoga; the object is the union of “ha” and “tha”, the union of pranic currents in their appropriately purified channels which leads to an incredibly Sacred Stillness and immense Seat of Inner Power and Wisdom.

in Wholistic Fitness, we use my unique Teachings of “At-Sink Pranayam” each morning (as part of another trademarked WF Practice; ‘Early Morning Ritual’), to produce a drastically fast, safe, and enjoyable manner of unmatched steadfast Pranayam practice. This Divine Power coming into our system is what Shifts the WF body from reliance upon the gross “NeuroMuscular System” to the far more fun and powerful, “Pranic System” and shifts the Mental State from a yo-yo swinging between Rajas and Tamas (chaotic, uncontrolled or heavy, depressed) to a mind that is Sattvic; composed, elegant, coordinated, and most of all; content.

yup, even during the Holidays; utter contentment is the sure sign that you have been steadfast and MINDFUL in your Pranayama; the Gateway To The Divine Power Locked Within.

that is enough for today.

perhaps i will touch on Verse 6 at a later time.

if you seem interested.

if not,
hey, i am pacing the Energies of WF and Her Transmission into the Outer World based on YOUR willingness, YOUR fierce devotion, YOUR desire to Rise Ever Higher, Ever Deeper, and
Ever Inward.

that is all.

om so ti,
your loving coach across the body/mind board

1) coach in a DharmaTalk with Ananda
2) coach’s schematic of Base Level Pranic Fields during a Private Intensive
3) WF Temple chimera

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