My friend Michael Secrest from Scottsdale, AZ whom some of you WF Devotees may recognize from my books, just broke the World Record for 24 hours of continuous cycling on October 22, 2006. The Two Wheeling Warrior rode 534.75 miles at an astonishing average speed of 22.28 mph! He set the mark at the Home Depot ADT Event Center in Carson, CA.

I crewed for Michael when he set the 24-hour World Record in 1996 at the Dominguez Hills velodrome in CA. This time, he somehow managed to bear through the excruciating pain of non-stop hammering for 24-hours on a tiny indoor track!!! i drew MUCH inspiration from Michael when i supported him in ’96. Talk about Dharana! I doubt if there is a Studio Yogi living that can even comprehend the mental frame of concentration required to do what Michael does. Since he refuses to stop for ANYTHING, Michael uses a catheter to go to the bathroom without scrubbing any speed.

in an era when most people are addicted to comfort and “make it okay” to “feel good” about being obese*, at least our WF Tribe is still out there in Kali Yuga; being the ROCKY BALBOA’s of the Inner, Focused, WARRIOR WAY!

when i asked Michael about his new Word Record, he wrote back, “Not bad for 53, eh?”

not bad a’tall, my Brother Warrior, not bad a’tall!

read more about Michael’s record and…help support his next attempt in the spring of 07 as he attempts to go 550 miles in 24 hours on an indoor 333.3 meter track in MOSCOW! He needs OUR support! tell him, “coach ilg sent me!”


Click on Secrest’s Record WARRRIOR UP!

* see another ultra cycling legend and WF favorite: Ron Jones’s homepage for the Ragin’ RJ TRUTH on this:


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