It is with such deeeeeeeeeeeep…
dat’s right;
it is with the “SCUBA DEEP!” Mother Hen Happiness
that i give to you the Launch of WF Teacher Joy “Ananda” Kilpatrick’s new and approved WF Blog:


Let us ALL show our WF ChiFull Support of this complimentary Blog, yet another High Vibrating, Beautiful Refuge
on the Internet dedicated to the Female Spirit of Wholistic Fitness!

My Beloved Joy;

thank you for choosing to be so brave, so bold, and so beautiful in so many Karmic Yogi Ways. You Honor my humble Path
with a degree of Warrior Exquisiteness that both soothes and ignites my Soul.

i bow to Thee.

WF Sangha; ENJOY!!! let Joy know your support! Personally, i can barely WAIT until each new Mo(o)nday now!

our Path glitters like the Inner Gold that it is…

om so ti,

coach ilg
creater/Wholistic Fitness

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