“Be still and know you’re God.”
– Yogi Jesus Christ, a long time ago recorded in the Bible

“Be still and know your God.”
– yogi steve ilg, right now recorded in DL

Life Is Go(o)d


Confused about God?

Consider Silence as your starting point toward knowing God.

God is strong.

It takes strength to sit still.

Law of Mutual Attraction will eventually bring your Strength of Stillness
toward the Strength of God.

“You become mature
when you become
the authority for your own life.

In choosing your god, you choose
your way of looking at the universe.
There are plenty of Gods.
Choose yours.

The god you worship
is the god you deserve.

In the tribe, deities were
personifications of power.
In later years,
they became the source of power.

All the gods of the world are
metaphors, not powers.”

-Joseph Cambell

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