Okay Noble Ones,
i ‘ve got the skis waxed, the snowshoes tested, and i ready to head into a 2-Day Private Intensive with Student Ludgate from NYC. those of you who, like Student Ludgate, have actually DONE a WF Private Intensive, you know damn well how intimately Joy and i work with you; like all day, each day. so,
i don’t TAF i will be able to channel another DL until Friday. good thing we now have the WF SanghaLounge to enjoy, eh?
i am SOOOOO happy with how much Love and inspiration occurs in that beautiful forum each day! THANK YOU! i REALLY love surfing around in there and getting to know all of you ‘mo betta!’

below is a great example of the type of Warrior you will meet each day in the S’Lounge and get to know. so, until the next DL Chi Hit…

I Bless Your Practices and Love Your Light…oh, and wish Student Ludgate go(o)d luck! i’ve got some pretty ‘ilgonian workouts’ lined up for him!

we are so Blessed to have this Path and a body, mind, and spirit willing to dance it!

om so ti,
coach ilg


Hey Hey fellow WF persons,
i was not to sure of this Lounge when i started reading awhile back because the posts about the bike gears went way over my head. Thought maybe everybody was a top line athlete like Coach Ilg. Then as time went by and more people from around this world started to jump in i started to feel more like part of the family.
Started doing workouts from Coach Ilg after i found his WF book at about the time i was calling it quits on all physical activity and the diagnosis from the back doctor’s tests confirmed that i was so close to the knife. i remember doing my first yoga poses a little over a year ago and the pain while doing the Warrior pose was right up there with the Gitmo techniques i thought.
The long and short of this is after completing the workout phases i am close to being a kid again. i am 56 years young. Two days ago while doing Joy’s basic yoga DVD i was able to jump from the Downward Dog Pose up to my hands. Thought that ol body spring was long gone.
Now i am so close to starting my online classes with Coach Ilg as my personal trainer.
i am reading the Science Of Breath, which is really getting me psyched since Coach Ilg talks so much about the breath and meditation.
Life is good in Tacoma Wash.
Peace out

Brad Replies:

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Hey Rich,
Welcome to the party. As one of those spewing bicycle “tech talk” in the bicycle thread let me reassure you that while I am a confirmed bike geek, I am by no means an elite athlete. Just a Father Warrior making my feeble way up the Steep and Direct WF Path. You are among friends.

student brad g
“Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.”
– Leonard Cohen

hakado ru replies:

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Welcome to the Tribe!

You’ll find that Steve and Joy’s students do cover a wide range of athletic abilities and goals. What we all share in common is a thirst for self-discovery through fitness…the Wholistic Fitness way.


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