Oh, i know, the excuses for losing Abhyasa (steadfast Practice) during the holidays are old, predictable, and so easily justified.

There are the family get togethers,
pressing work projects that need finishing (like the post production work on my new DVD!),

and preparation of All Things (particularly SKIING!).

However, the WF Warrior’s Practice remains unfluttered by such paltry excuses for even if we lose a few physical fitness disciplines by the wayside, we remain focused and utterly devoted to what matters most in a WF life; the LifeStyle Principles. We are trained to cultivate our Workout Everywhere via Conscious Breath & Posture, Mindfulness, Appropriate Action, and Practice. And, in doing so, we discover great Practice opportunities within the outer chaos of the holiday season.

Now, the conventionally minded Fitness Sheep might think that if one was to defend a Course Record at a Winter Quadrathlon in another few weeks as am i, one should ramp up their CardioVascular Volume and Intensity in order to be ready to Defend their title.

Not me. My Cardio volumes in Dec. went down (see chart below).

What did i elevate? Yoga and Meditation.

As a Podium Topper for over a quarter century using WF Training, i know well by now that it matters little how frail my Cardio Hours are compared to the Sport Specific Sheep. why am i so confident of WF Training? because i know that my WF Training is bringing to me the most potent weaponry that any athlete can bring to the Start Line; A Conscious and Controllable Mind.

Most athletes spend the bulk of their training time unconscious of the Divine, unaware of how to regulate the Pranic Flows in their bodies.

The conventional minded athlete still relies on that old fashioned Muscle and Oxygen system. They are like Blind Men feeling an elephant; incessantly trying to measure their Muscles and Oxygen, attaching blinking things to monitor it, and even worse, plugging into electronics that distract them from even appreciating their Muscles and Oxygen System! Reliance upon the Muscle and Oxygen system brings only Shiva’s dancing; break down, fatigue (particularly of the diaphragm), depression, injuries, and a great lack of joy and emotional meaning and depth to their workouts.

You know you are over reliant upon the Muscle and Oxygen System if you still seek motivation to workout. Those who have Risen Above that old system, look forward to each workout just like a lover looks forward to seeing his or her Beloved. The Pranic Athlete finds not only refuge in their workout, they drink voraciously from the Divine Nectar that permeates their Training Sessions! Who needs motivation to Drink when dying of Thirst?!

The WF Warrior relies on Early Morning Rituals(tm), pranayams, and the Four Lifestyle Principles(tm) as the Anchor of, not supplement to, any physical training. in doing so, we slowly Elevate our Vibrational Fitness toward the Pranic Field Energy, and enjoy our ol’ Muscle and Oxygen system as our Beloved, yet old and tired, Best Friend. Fortunately, we know Ways in this Work to rejuvenate that old system with SUNRIDER Herbs, BioBuilde, Conscious Nutrition, and the other Yin Disciplines of WF; meditation, and yoga.

To wit:

COACH’S DECEMBER 07 PRACTICE STATS (comparative to November).

Strength Training =2.75 hours up .25 hour

Cardio =35.5 hours down by 2.75 (more skiing/snowshoeing, very little cycling)

Yoga/Asana =61.25 hours up 9 hours (wonderful Sushumna insights influenced via nordic biomechanics!

Meditation = 53.50 hours up 3 hours!

Nutrition=1610 kcals/day; only a 50 kcal difference per day!

BodyWeight as per Dec. 31; 147 lbs
BodyFat % as per Dec. 31; 5.3%

***SAFETY NOTE: do NOT attempt to mimic these Practice Stats! injury, illness, or other forms of Himsa will come to you instead of positive training adaptations. follow the guidance of your (inner) Teacher, not my training diary entries!

May your Practice remain strong, sincere, and a TON of Appreciative FUN!

i’m off skiing…

coming up in DL: Our 2006 WARRIOR (or is it WARRIORESS?) OF THE YEAR!

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