Namaste Coach Ilg,
after a day of wearing YogaToes(tm)upon my feet, attending to cleaning the house, and a nice purifying bath. . . i came out to the family room to find that my husband, Steve, had brought the mail in from today. i saw the label of Steve Ilgs Wholistic Fitness and thought what could this be? Maddie (our black lab) was so curious as i opened the envelope, once it was open she was sniffing away and wagging her tail so intently.

Steve said, wow! look at those!

you will find a picture attached of Maddie and the WF Blessed Rudraksha Mala around my neck. what a beautiful Master Student Inka certificate as well! i shared the wonderful aroma of the pine needles from beneath the sacred peak seeping from the package with Steve and he loved it.

thank you.

i offer a deep bow of gratitude for such a gift. is there a special personification ritual that must be performed on these fancy-dancy Rudraksha Malas? they literally have so much vibration i TAF they will go dancing!

master student shawna

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