Namaste! Finished the last workout of my pre-intensive cycle today. Don’t know what you plan to throw at my this week, but I am as physically and mentally prepared as I can possibly be. Equanimity be damned – I am excited as hell for the next few days. Had a funny “Intensive anxiety” dream last night – you were holding up your little white board with “-6” written on it. When I asked what it was for, you said those were “negative karma points for not getting all of my update e-mails in on time”! I’ll do my best to earn those points back this week.

See you Tuesday night at class. Love to Ananda.

-Student L

Dearest Warrior Taking Pilgrimage To The Sacred, Snowy Peak,

no, no silly goose…

that wasn’t about negative karma,
that was the TEMPERATURE!!!!!

see you Tuesday night!

can’t wait! you are the BEST!

inJoy the travel and let us know if there is anything we can do from this end!

coach and joy

My cherished, long time Online Warrior, Allan arrives in Flag tonight in time to take my HP Yoga Class to kickstart his
two-day Private Intensive…we can’t WAIT to drop in with this Most Noble Father Warrior! His steadfast, determined WF Practice is pure, beautiful testimony to the strength of this Path among those who are willing to simply STUDY and ENJOY the myriad, multilayered transformations inherent to this Path.

Ever wonder why our 5-Star Private Intensives have been in international media and even books?

Sign up for your own WF Private Intensive for 2007; there is no better investment for your long term Practice!

Reservations for 2007 being accepted on the Tribal Catalog today!

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