Joy and i have chosen to interrupt this regularly scheduled exciting week of DL’s to announce on this Valentines Day that…well, we are having a baby.

Okay, so anyway, back to my Mt. Taylor Training. So i was up skiing the day before yesterday and…


Geez, my Temple just got quiet.


Like we’re not allowed or something? i checked the Scriptures. It’s cool.


So your Great Renouncer, Zen Graduate, Mountain Yogi, Extreme Athlete, Ski Bum of a Coach is gonna finally buckle down and become a Householder…with a KID!??!??!!? At age 45?!?!??!

Uh, looks like it.

So much for my ‘Grand Plan’ to begin renouncing the Outer World at age 50, right?


As the saying goes, If you want to make God smile? Make a plan.

Joy and i are having a Baby or so it appears.

Just close your eyes for a m(om)ment and Feel what It is that is in your HeartSpace.

That’s it. Let that be the Teaching.


If i were to tell you i am not in Shock, i would be violating Satya. i am in Shock.

Joy and i are BOTH in shock. Have been for 9 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours, and uh, 33 minutes.

If i were to line up all the miraculous, prophetic, and auspicious Signs that have been Dancing into Divine Alignment over these past few years with Joy, you would not likely believe me. particularly in regard to the conception of this New Being. hell, Joy and i can barely believe it ourselves, yet we are experiencing a miracle over here beneath the giant Ponderosa and stunning blue,blue sky.

I bow to the fact that this New Being has not yet manifested externally and until that first Inhale is taken, our Practice remains:
Feel Everything,
Attach to Nothing.

I ask you, my Noble Sangha, on this Day of Days to join Joy and i in reciting with us the First Prayer that i created this morning for our unborn baby:

in the Season of the Snows

i dedicate this First Prayer to my unborn baby vibrating within my Beloved’s Jeweled City. should you one day read this First Prayer, my unborn baby, please know that i have been training and working on my feeble self – consciously or not – my whole life to be one thing;
a Balanced and Loving and Present daddy for you.
i’ll be honest; i have no Direct Experience about being a daddy.
however, i know myself in this moment and this First Prayer feels like Appropriate Action.
here you go, my unborn baby; i love you so all-ready:

As i witness this Breath, i witness myself.
As i witness this Breath,
i intently pray to my Teachers
and the Enlightened Masters of the Amitabha Buddha Lineage
and the Grace of God Omnipotent
through which this Unborn Being has surely been sent.

As i witness this Breath,
i reMind myself that i am Emptiness.
that the Form i have come to know and refer to as “i”
truly is only a faithful, devoted Conduit of Your Divine Manifestation.
I pray that You help me grow into an ever more Fit, ever more Capable
Conduit through which Your Grace may pour to help others.

i pray this New Being be recognized and Loved Unconditionally
as only coming through,
not of,
Joy and i.

May the Intensity of Prana and the Soul taking abidance from that womb of Prana,
and which now emanates from Joy’s and my noble Forms,
fulfill Your Divine Role on this Plane(t).
May Joy and i be adequate and loving nurturers of this
New Being.
May Joy and i experience and cultivate a new depth of Love toward
each other at the Sake of this New Being.

May this New Being exude and impart graceful influence and infinite strength
to all Beings Everywhere, and know that She is a Beacon of Love
and from Love she was born,
and by Love she will be sustained,
and into Love
she shall one day return.

May this New Being be ever mindful of karma,
and take up the Swords of Dharma like her parents
and fearlessly and skillfully use them to
engage in the BattleDance of Maya, cutting through the bonds of avidya,
until the Liberation of all Beings
in the Six Realms has been attained.

May My and Joy’s own Practice
remain healthy, sincere, and strong
to further express our unswerving devotion, compassion, and intensity
to help purify all manifestations of impure karma and confusion.

May this New Being become the Dewachen
for All Beings in a Way that neither Joy nor feeble i
have accomplished.

May you, our Devoted Sangha,
see, hear, and feel
your own True Nature of Sacred Love reflected back to you
through this Temple Being.

For you are the Sangha that built this small, fierce, Loving Temple
beneath the Sacred Mountains of the Southwest,
and it is this Temple that is Grandfather of Joy and i
and it is this Noble Path of Yoga that is the Grandmother of this New Being.

Om Mani Padme Hung
Om Mani Padme Hung
Om Mani Padme Hung


I love my Be-loved Joy.

To you, on this Valentines of Valentines
i say to you my Amazing Partner of Concentrated Karmic Workouts;
oh my GOD!

i mean,
how HARD could it possibly be?!


Happy Valentines, everyone!

oh, and PLEASE; do NOT send us a ton of emails and get all Dramatic over this.

it is JUST a baby! it’s not like i’m getting a dog or something! besides, i gotta kickass for our Tribe at Mt. Taylor this weekend and there is a ton of fresh powder up on the Peak; i gotta go SKIING!

I have set up a
in the WF SanghaLounge; WF Couples section and through that forum,
both Joy and i would LOVE to hear from you!

om so ti

above photos by WF Online Master Student Shawna Schaub

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