“The WF Path works,
when YOU work the Path!”
– coach ilg

photo by Ananda; back beneath my Sacred San Juans while tele skiing at Durango Mountain Resort (formerly known as Purgatory) near my childhood home of Durango, Colorado a week ago.

Pic of the Month; Showing the Pain while qualifying for the United States National Snowshoe Championships during the Flagstaff Qualifier. photo by; www.myracepics.com

My InSight of the Month:
Learning To Embrace Pain is deep privledge.
Honor the priviledge.
Embrace Pain.

– from my DL entry of January 27, before the Langlauf Ski Race.


* skied or snowshoed: 17 out of 31 days!
* 2nd place; Arizona Nordic Ski Championships(5th in Freestyle/2nd in Classic)
* won the Flagstaff Winter Triathlon!(20st&21nd)
* 3rd place in the USSSA Western Regional 10k SnowShoe Race
* 4th in Age Group, 12th Overall at Durango Langlauf 30k!

And here is the “TryLight” behind those Highlights:

Strength Training Hours:
3.50 (average: 11 minutes per day). up by 1 hours from Dec.

Cardio Training Hours:
41.25 (average: 1:33 per day). up by 5.75 hours from Dec.

Asana Training Hours:
57.75 (average: 1:16 per day). down by 3 hours from Dec.

Meditation Hours:
50.75 (average: 1:06 per day). down by 2.25 hours from Dec.

Approx. Calories Consumed:
45,695 (average: 1, 474 per day). down by 136 kcals day (had to lose fat for nordic racing; it worked!)

May my “tracks up the mountain” help inspire someone, somewhere…

NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT to mimic these Statistics without professional WF Guidance, particularly my extremely low caloric intake vs. output.

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