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give it UP for Butte, Montana’s Levi Leipheimer who ruled the roost a la Lance Armstrong from start to finish of the 8 day AMGEN Tour of California! i’ve had the distinct pleasure of giving LL a head nod in a peleton and how about GEORGE HINCAPIE going down hard in Stage 7, breaking his wrist, only to get up and hammer the legs off of the entire peleton to keep his DISCOVERY CHANNEL Teammate Levi in the Yellow Jersey! i’m tellin’ ya, that Hincapie shoulda been a hockey player!

here is what the Miracle is; i ain’t taking about some Euro Race! this world class, stunningly scintillating bike racing was being done right here on US Terra Firma! Yup, even the World Champion Paulo Bettini of Italy won a stage in SoCal! You guys have noooooooooooo idea how long i have waited to watch bike racing take a deserving front stage on American Soil! Not since the ol’ COORS BICYCLE CLASSIC have i been so utterly stoked about bike racing on ‘Turtle Island’!

What’s next Monday Night Nordic Biathlon?!?!

who knows! it could happen cuz we live in America where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if we just stay focused on our dreams and PERSEVERE!

On that note, i have a TV producer whose health i have helped and he now wants to do a TV Series of me doing some outdoor sport journalism and/or a WF TV Series. if you are interested in helping us out this project and have some funding sources, let me know. maybe we can help some people through some WF Sweat and Spirit on the TV.

anyway, i wanted to share this fantastic input from New Online Student Daniel Sauve of Cananda. Student Sauve has left for another movie shoot in Morocco or some place like that. i have many Students travel the world doing all sorts of interesting things. i enjoy hearing about their travels, however, i am mostly focused whether or not their bathrooms are conducive for staying true to their WF Early Morning Rituals! Hey, what can i say? we come from and maintain an allegiance to being a VERY PRACTICAL PATH. A Path that is always heading in One Direction: Upward via an ever Inward focus!

Check this out from Shishya Sauve:

Hello Coach,
I am leaving in an hour, just got your email.

I understand what you mean about our children and them being the Practice. I have started doing Yoga with her and this morning showed her how I do Neti (nasal wash…the second of the three WF Early Morning Rituals). I told her about it yesterday and she had a dream about doing it. She was worried it would hurt me.

This is the remarkable thing. I was cleaning up all morning. While at my desk, she went to get a bucket and a cloth and washed the floor. No incentive at all on my part. She just did it. She said she was like Cinderella and had to clean the floor for me so the house would be clean…a rag, a bucket and a yogi squat, now that’s WF!

Will email soon with stories from the desert.



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