A Race Day is naught but an expression of your Daily Practice.
A Race Day is an expression of your hours spent alone cultivating your breath, your internal energetics, and most of all;
your nutrition.

For over 20 years I have not deviated from Teaching you what i consider to be the most effective Nutritional Path that serves to Cleanse your Cells for optimal physiologic and energetic functions and Empower your Cells for elite level vigor and what yogis know as “tapas” or burning desire to Rise Higher.

Just in case you’ve been under a rock for the last quarter century while myself and other WF Devotees have been cranking to the tops of podiums in ALL sorts of sports, disciplines, and inner attainments, let’s go over this once again:

SUNRIDER Herbal Whole Foods.
Intent: Provides the daily CORE CELLULAR NUTRITION to Cleanse, Balance, and EMPOWER all five of our organ systems, including our two Immune Systems (T-cell and Respiratory). Dr. Chen, the creator of SUNRIDER, has essentially cornered the world market by paying cash for over a quarter century for all the world’s juiciest, most potent herbs and plants. Everyone else? Stand in line and scrabble for seconds, buster! Combine this with the integrity gained from 6,000 years of Chinese formulation, pre-enhancement, profiling, sterility, and concentration (Dr. Chen will use up to 10lbs of raw plants to produce 1lb of product!…hey, you get what you pay for!). There is NO OTHER COMPANY on the planet that pours so much money each day into purity of manufacturing such concentrated whole foods coupled with the intelligence of the nutrient harmony. In WF, we rely upon my self-created “3-Phase Approach To Using The Sunrider Herbs,” to first gain cell purity, then cell empowerment, then finally “chi maintenance.” Bodyfat is lost during the first several months, then lean tissues and organ systems are balanced and empowered during the second phase, and finally; we just ramp up our Vibrational Fitness by continuing to eat these “Secret Herbs of WF” for the rest of our lives; expect graduated increases in your Pranic Field Energies as you continue to be steadfast on this third and final phase of SUNRIDER Herbs.

for those of you already on the Secret Herbs under me; on Race Day i did an “ilg supreme” 4 hours before my race and also the night before. 2 hours before Race Time; i did Metabalance 44, Action Caps x 4, Wu Chia Pi x 4, Conco x 3. 1 hour before my Race Time i full throttled my Cellular Chi by cranking down Sport Caps x 5!

to gain access to and complimentary guidance (for now) to using these Herbs and my 3-Phase Approach to using them, you must show sincerity by joining under myself or Ananda directly. the link is provided on the Visitor Cave webpage at www.wholisticfitness.com under WF Power Links.

BioBuilde, the “new” takeover from “UniPro Amino Acids” which i used to use in the WF System back in the day but which is no longer available, is the ONLY NON-WHOLE-FOOD Daily Nutritional Supplement that i endorse.

Intent: to ensure that our bodies, especially athletes, are in a Positive Nitrogen Balance. Being in the later cellular state is vital for all immediate, short, and long-term physiologic training effects to occur from the amplitude of training. BioBuilde is only a simple yet supremely effective amino acid formula that prioritizes wide spectrum tissue regeneration, particularly in regard to muscle and neural physiology. the key role in this product is Hypertrophy; that is anabolic or cell building. just ask my students that have regenerated missing knee ligaments have erased chronic injuries and pains, and even – when coupled with my 3-Phase Approach to using SUNRIDER HERBS – can turn the infertile or impotent into gardens of fertility and virility.

to gain access to and complimentary guidance (for now) to using this tremendous product (i have not finished off the podium since beginning using it a year ago), you must show sincerity by joining under myself or Ananda directly. the link is provided on the Visitor Cave webpage at www.wholisticfitness.com under WF Power Links; BodyHealth is the name of the parent company, and BioBuilde is the only product within the BodyHealth company that i endorse.

PowerBars. This is NOT a daily Whole Food by any stretch of the imagination within the WF System.

Intent: Training and Racing Fuel. i consider PowerBars and PowerGels to be ‘medicinal’ in the sense that they are only to be consumed in acute, not chronic, situations. Basically, this means during hard training workouts or races when your muscle physiology is maxed out trying to maintain a given workload thus sacrifices digestive chi. During a workout or race, our bodies simply do not have the capacity to metabolize or assimilate complex nutrition such as in dietary foods. The solution is to depend on the world’s first and still the best Energy Bars and Gels; Powerbars and PowerGels. No better, more effective uptake and quality of ingredients (particularly in regard to amino acid sourcing and formulation) can be found, in my opinion. No blood sugar or glycemic index spiking will occur with PowerBars due to the majesty of their nutrient integrity.

On Race Day Morning i consumed one PowerBar (malt nut, of course!) 2 hour before Race Time, then took a PowerGel every 15 minutes until Race Time.

The Result:

click to enlarge:

After my Race:
* 1 SUNRIDER “ilg supreme”
* 3 SUNRIDER MetaBalance 44
* 2 SUNRIDER Citric C
* 2 SUNRIDER Herb Cal
* 8 BioBuilde

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