As i wait for some more photos from Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon, i figured i would take a moment to share some training counsel with an Online Student of mine. Today’s topic also has a lot to do with that ever so elusive yet mandatory Warrior capacity of finding the Balance Between Patience and Pressure.

Enjoy and may this coaching exchange be of benefit to your own Practice and thus in turn, to All Beings Everywhere.

Off to go teach yoga after a HEAVEN of a morning spent tele skiing fresh powder in the trees! Talk about a Yoga Studio in which to Practice finding the Balance between Patience and Pressure! Yeah baby!

om so ti,
your loving coach


The thing that has changed for me over this last year is that I am now unable to turn off my mind or my awareness about being in myself.

you never WERE able to “turn off” your mind or your Awareness!
you are being now Blessed with the massive inSight of just how chaotic and cluttered and undisciplined your Mind and Awareness is!
thus, all of our work over the next few years will be geared toward being able to gear your mind and awareness, not ‘shut it off’.
that will not happen until Samadhi.
we have a loooong way to travel before then!
right now, i want you to work on your Capacity to Concentrate (thus the WF Spelling Guru, etc.)and develop
your Capacity to Sustain your Concentration.
that is all.

As I said to Mike the other night – Sometimes I want to pitch everything in storage and head down to Ilg’s house to become a full-time student.

you can camp in the woods, i suppose…

Ask we talk about it, I come to discover that the lure of the ego is to say if you put all else aside this path can be more yours fully. Then my mind awakes and says “foolish ego!” Every moment of every day is your training.

YES!!!!! that is It with a capital I! Every moment of every day IS our training! You have found another door to the WF Maxim; Your Workout is Everywhere!

It is not necessary to move and set aside all things for the one path. Balance must come from within and cannot be taught or handed to you by the experience of another. The heavy lifting is up to you and you alone.


I am afraid that I will be discovered as a fraud.

Relax, GrassHopper; you are merely Learning again!
we are all Frauds in one way or another.
that is why we are here on the Human Realm; to learn Purity (Sauca)

I fear that Coach will trash me for not working out to the letter every day.

screw that.
hit the Delete Button on that thought pattern!
here is what i care about;
your improved awareness of and performance of the WF Lifestyle Principles.the Fitness Disciplines are secondary.

I fear that the path is too hard for me and I will die fat.

so you die fat this time around. whiptee doo.
hell, you’ve been dying for countless lifetimes, what’s the Big Deal about dying Fat this time around?
it is up to YOU to finally get so sick and tired of all this coming and going
(dying and taking rebirth in a different form) and relearning all the Painful Crap
over and over and over again…
to finally say,

it was at such a spiritual crisis that a renounced Prince named Gautama sat down on the Earth and vowed not to move or flinch
until Enlightenment.

now, you are not that brave.
nor am i.

are you Brave enough to move to Flag and throw yourself into WF hook, line, and sinker?

or perhaps are you Brave enough to just keep doing your Prescribed Online Practices and spend the rest of your life setting up your
physical and subtle anatomy to become strong enough to perhaps reach certain Attainments (siddhis) that will help you
close the gap toward mastering the Energetics of Enlightenment?

i do not know these answers.

you do.

you are setting your own Pace toward Enlightenment.
i am merely holding a flashlight here and there in the darkness to help you find your own Way.

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