WF Race Wire – Grants, New Mexico

It was the Mixed Pair of Coach Ilg(44) and Lisa Goldsmith (42) racing under the name;
A Fair Pair of Mountain Yogis
that proved WITHOUT A DOUBT ONCE AGAIN that High Performance Yoga, a subDiscipline of Wholistic Fitness – both created by coach ilg –
is ANYTHING BUT FAIR to conventionally trained athletes as they absolutely
annihilated the Mixed Pair Division by 40 minutes and also kicked stupendous
ass upon the Mens Pair Division to win the Overall Pair Category in just over
4 hours.

In fact, so fast were they upon the Sacred Peak, that only one 4-Man Team could better their time!

More details from coach coming soon to DIRECT LINES; Exclusively for Subscribers as the Race Results are released at tonights Awards Ceremony.

This completes a string of 3 Consecutive Titles for Coach Ilg at this premier testpiece of a multi-sport event that rewards the most highly skilled winter endurance athletes.

Also racing upon this Sacred Peak today was WF star pro mountain bike racer Timari Pruis of Tahoe, HP Yogi Jut Wynne of Flagstaff, and WF Master Student John “Hakado Ru” Kuhlman of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not content to wait several hours to be bused back down the mountain, coach beat the buses back to town by 30 seconds by running several miles down the peak after his race!

Coach and Lisa will dedicate their Overall Championship at tonights Awards Ceremony to the recently injured, 9x champion of Mt. Taylor; Danelle Ballengee, a long time friend of coach’s and Lisa’s from the outdoor multi-sport world of the Rocky Mountains. Danielle slipped and fell off a cliff during a training run in Moab crushing her pelvis and sustaining severe frostbite from 3 nights exposed. Her dog, Taz, saved her life by continuously running to the car and back to Danielle and kept her warm at night. Rescuers eventually were led to Danielle by following Taz.

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