The Chaturanga Challenge; Part 2

Published on Feb 01, 2007 by in WF Teachings, Yoga


Cannot tell you how amazing is this Beloved Soul…

Do yourself and your Practice a nice, fat favor and read Teacher Ananda’s
second installment of The Chaturanga Challenge; Part 2.

I would like to say that her obvious Dharma Wisdom and Metta that flows
so steadily and radiant from Ananda could be largely contributed to her
HP Yoga Teacher Training! However, i am the first to recognize a truly
Great Soul when i feel it. All this Path of WF did for Ananda is the same
as it is doing for you if you are letting it:
It is just tweaking your weakenesses into Wholenesses!

Enjoy and GREAT JOB, Ananda! Can barely wait till next Monday’s new installment!

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photo by
after Joy’s Second Place Finish in the USSSA Western Regional Snowshoe Race, 5k.

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