Critical Mass Turn #3 on the Ski Down section of the
Mt.Taylor Winter Quadrathlon
where i set, according to current Race Statistics, the fastest ski descent of all the racers. i’d be going in excess of 20 mph through here; on tiny, edgeless skate skis carrying a backpack! yeah baby! Speed is RELATIVE! i took this shot during my pre-ski of the course which took 40 minutes of uphill skate skiing to check out these critical turns. no other racers pre-inspected the course. this is what i coach into all my athletes; Do Thy H(om)ework. Pray to the Race Gods during your Course Inspections; establish some sort of spiritual bond with the Gods of the Course and positive things happen. My time for the Ski Down which started at 10,674′ and ended two miles later at 9,479′ was 13 minutes and 40 seconds including my transitions. Some racers would require 40+ minutes to navigate this same section. The Kachina Spirits were FLYING beside me the whole descent; i am sooo glad i did all those HP Yoga; “Chair Poses” i did especially during my HP PROP WORKOUTS; i held onto my downhill tuck like that Dharma Bug that RJ took a picture of in my BEE CHI entry last week! The most challenging part was carrying my speed into these turns that were cluttered by fallen and slower skiers (what i call,’debris’ in my War Whooping Race Mode)! Now that my adrenalin is subsided and my Trophy next to me; i wish to make a sweeping apology to all those racers i nearly killed on my kamikaze descent! Hey, dat’s racing! Go fast or stay home, right?!

Noble Warriors,
thank you for your Practice of Patience as i have now return from one Sacred Peak to my h(om)e one with a BEAUTIFUL TROPHY and more importantly; SACRED MEMORIES and DEEPER CHI PENETRATION IN MY CELLS!
please understand that i did not have my Beloved Ananda with me to take photos. i really did my best to snap some pics for you all to enjoy and find inspiration from for your own workouts. However, having my “Warpaint” on, i was singularly focused upon one goal; Another Championship Title. I wanted a 3rd Title in 3 Years and i wanted to do something i have always come close to doing yet never quite got it; i wanted to set the fastest ski descent of the race.

As you read in the last DL; i did it. Both goals; Mission Friggin’ ACCOMPLISHED BABY!!!!!

Of course, most of my victory must be attributed to my world-class Teammate; Lisa Goldsmith. Here are the two keys to winning Team and Pair Titles at Mt. Taylor:
1) Train yourself into the most Impeccably Fit Condition you possibly can cuz you will need ALL of it and THEN some,
2) Pick your Teammates wisely!

to view Lisa and my’s Race Stats under our name of “A Fair Pair Of Mountain Yogis” go to:

Quad Pair Results

C’mon, i’ll take you along with me to the top of the Peak and the Podium!

Time When The Nerves Start Jumping; First Good Look at the Sacred Peak of Tsidool from I-40 heading east toward Albuquerque.

Tsidool hovers over the ramshackle, still wild west town of Grants, New Mexico. Like so much of the Southwest, Grants has a ‘cloaking device’ to thwart the common man from knowing her true beauty. In southwest towns like this, you gotta get outta the damned car and start exploring the Land with your own breath and movement before she imparts her tremendous, mystical, and sacred energies and Dharma gifts.

Okay, so i pull into my hotel; The Comfort Inn, and there in the parking lot in the cold evening wind is this chick with a powerdrill. If there is one thing i like better than Babes With PowerTools, it’s when the Babe is your world-class duathlete teammate and she is drilling screws into her racing flats to run faster with more traction on the snow-covered course! Yup, that’s Lisa G doing her own style of pre-race h(om)ework. this girl knows how to WIN! she just finished 4th place in her age at the Cross Country Nationals in Boulder, Colorado a week before Mt. Taylor!

taken from the back of the pickup used to schlep us Skiers/Snowshoers up to the Run/Ski Transition at 9,479′ where we would Practice Patience for several hours awaiting our handoff from our teammates.


May Your Practice Get Fired From My Efforts At Tsidool; GO FOR YOUR DREAMS! LIFE IS SHORT!!!

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