from my spiritual diary taken after Early Morning Practice this morning:

The Day of Pilgrimage to Tsidool (Mt. Taylor).

It occurs to my experience that if one is to truly life a full life
a life that is constantly spontaneous within the Dance of the Inner and the Outer Wilderness
then 2 preconditioned afflictions must take gradual yet Self Forced Leave
from the yogin’s lifestyle:

1) Attachment to Entertainment (to make space for work upon Inner Attainment instead)
2) Attachment to and reliance solely upon physical food to fuel ones energy (and instead use spiritual tools to develop and enhance ones metabolism for spiritual food.

Training for and competing at the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon is one of my ways for developing an enhanced, healthier spiritual metabolism.***

my cell phone is already abuzz with calls from the other WF athletes taking pilgrimage to the Sacred Peak over the land of the Acoma; Tsidool. this Sacred Peak of the southwest calls like a powwwow to the brave warriors who will ply their skills and training over 4 sports (road cycling, running, nordic skiing, and snowshoeing) across 75 kilometers and 5,000′.

i am talking about, of course, this tomorrow’s running of the 2007 Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon.

if all goes well with the Mountain Spirits, by tomorrow; at this time, i will be doing my final warms up to receive the electronic baton from Lisa “Vishnu Doll” Goldsmith to begin my two legs of the event; skiing and snowshoeing. i am ready to move like a Banshee across the windswept snows. yesterday i tele skied like a Banshee on a day when the winds were so great, they did not open the higher lift until 11:30 am. no worries for mountain yogi ilg; we WF Warriors ADAPT! i just rode the smaller chairlift, got off, shouldered my skis, and bootpacked about 13 minutes up the larger ski hill to a great Black Diamond run called; Tiger. the pay off for my effort? face hits of a powder so deep and light i felt as if i was skiing upon a great cumulus cloud. it was so heavenly fun? i did three laps! then, my Taoist approach paid off again as the higher chairlift turned on even as the Kachina Spirits still danced in turbulent snow-plumes – some over a kilometer high – off the top of Mt. Humphreys.

yesterday, i could tell the Gods have ramped up my spiritual vibration again for Mt. Taylor. that is one of the Great Wonders of getting our asses signed up for great events; competitions, trips, events. once we Choose Consciously to be brave and disciplined and cultivate the courage to EXPRESS that bravery; the Gods reward us with more energy, more insight, more ability to DANCE!

i man, baby, did feeble ilg DANCE those slopes yesterday! skiing, no soaring, through the trees with no fear and plenty of rhythmmic float. fast as white lightening down the groomed slopes then jump into a transition down through packed powder over moguls; seemingly nothing could stop my Chi Flow yesterday. i was skiing over rocks, trees, busting through steeeeep tree gullies; i just was DIALED! sooooooo fun! THANK YOU GOD!

now, the Sunrider Herbs are packed, the BioBuilde, the skis and snowshoes and most of all; i got Mula Bandha engaged and Sushummna feels engaged providing me with a luminous energy within me that just wants to…well; DANCE TO ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP WIN!!!!!!!!! i can do it, me and my teammate CAN DO IT! i KNOW we can! BRING IT BABY!!!!!

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