The Path up to the Temple Door of WF Online Studies is rarely tread. In fact, WF Online – the nation’s original online fitness service – is one of the few Yogic Paths that still Teaches in the Traditional
Teacher/Student manner as per the Upanishads. This is accomplished
through highly intimate, personalized online instruction.

Unlike other personal training businesses, i also pretty much stick to the
Eastern Teaching Tradition of refusing new students to test their sincerity.

i am first and foremost a Teacher/Protector of the Dharma. True Dharma Teachers must honor their Tradition and their own Teachers regardless of the effort, fear, and time. Even if it means refusing money. Of course, as a businessman, doing this scares the bejesus outta me all the time since i am cutting off income in a very, very fragile business market. Thus arises my Faith in God to Provide. i test this Faith each and every day of my life.

Here is an actual Application to Study WF Online submission that i received this morning.
I thought you might enjoy knowing in your heart that your ol’ Coach is still, after 25 years, refusing to compromise the authenticity of Traditional Teacher/Student Yoga Instruction. I also want to let all of you who are still standing in line waiting for Online Acceptance, that i have not forgotten you. Below, i reward the following Seeker for his Abhaysa using my book. Many Knock on my Temple Door requesting Online Studies without even accomplishing Green Tara Program or any of the programs in my other books. Such impatience is not the way to become a Student of mine. Let me know you have Sweated and Sat Still using my existing Programs before wanting to take on Online Training!

May your inner, outer, and Secret Obstacles be revealed through the strength of your Practice and be overcome by your will,

om so ti,
coach ilg


Submit: Submit Application to Coach Ilg
Name: gajender s. bhati
MailingAddress: (not for public viewing)
City: (not for public viewing)
State: rajasthan,india.
BirthDate: 20december1964
Weight: 85
Height: 5.11
Gender:: Male
BodyWeightFluctuate: It does,but not so often.Might be due to eating habits.
StudyPath: I have been traing through your book “WHOLISTICFITNESS” for last two years and got very encouraging results.
CurrentTraining: same as above.
PastTraining: none
PastInjuries: none
Eat: I had two eggs with two slice of brown bread and had chicken in lunch with three whole wheat indian bread.in dinner ,i had fruits and one indian bread with vegetables.yesterday the weather was cool.no medications and supplements.
DietaryPattern: I dont diet.Always stick to healthy diet, avoid oilly food,red meat etc.
OverallHealth: I am fit and agile.
Occupation: I am a tour operatar. i train for two hours in the morning as suggested by you in the book.
Facilities: It is a small fitness center without any a/c.no personal gear and ready to create a workout facility.
DreamSpeak: I want to be fit and lead a healthy life.I am content with what i have.
SpiritualGrowth: i am a religious person and pray every morning.
Teachers: You and my yoga instructor motivated me.
HearAbout: i bought your book “WHOLISTIC FITNESS”.
IlgBooks: same as above.
AnythingElse: i want to have a flat stomach with good abs.
Teacher: Steve Ilg
WaiverDate: 26Feb.2007


Namaste Noble Seeker Gagender,

i have received and have read your Application To Study WF Online.
i bow to your Temple Knock.

the fact that you have been training off my book for the past two years has
moved you to the front of the waiting line outside my Temple.

this is a very Steep Path.
most who come here, quit.

what is it that makes you think you will be a steady Student of this arduous Path
of Self Transformation?

i bow to you from beneath the Sacred Peak,

coach ilg, ryt/uscf/cpt
author/Total Body Transformation


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