most beautiful and noble WF Student Daniel Sauve of Canada flies the WF Jersey
while on location in Morocco. this is one amazing WF Father Warrior, lemme tell ya.
below, his heart touching letter to me…
THIS is why i have devoted my Life to this Path…letters like this from a guy like this…wow.

this DL is in honor of Sacred Being: WF Online Student Daniel S who just cranks…

let all Beings who read this be dutifully, divinely inspired,

Om Men,
coach ilg
founder/Wholistic Fitness Personal Training


Salaam Malecoum Coach,
Want to touch base with you and provide an update of my life in Morocco.

Firstly, films are extremely time consuming. I get up around 5am and am back at around 8pm in the evening. In the last week we have experienced hot sun and cold wind mornings, hotter as the day goes and serious sandstorms starting around 2pm (the shoot was cancelled yesterday as the wind tore the set down). I wear a cheche (arabic turban) all day. Still the dust gets in. A few days ago while walking to the lunch tent, a 100ft high twister formed right in front of me and gently travelled on my right for about 100 yards. It was an awesome sight and I quietly soaked it in. I thought to myself; that is where the arabic djinn comes from in the mythology, from twisters in the desert. I took it as a good omen, both for its power and also it’s grace and gentleness (don’t get in its path though!).

I have been consistent with the WF Early Morning Ritual(r) and have incorporated short meditation sessions before going out to breakfast and then work. That is dialing in and I enjoy it.

It’s been impossible to train in a gym, there are none. We work 6 days a week. On sundays I start my day early and get on the bike for a ride. Last sunday was a mountain ride, 30K of steadi uphill with a few fun descents. I do Yoga in the evenings as much as I can.

Since the training is squeezed I have managed to concentrate on other WF principles, namely mindfulness. We work in the desert. Today our location was peppered with small plant beings that everyone trashes like they are already dead… So I focus on stepping on none.
One of these plants is wild rosemary. I included two pics I took this morning, thinking of you and teacher Joy. I focus on the ground in front of me when I walk and avoid hurting all plants. The focus reminds me that even if I cannot sweat as I would like to, in training and in practice, my mind is still tuning itself to be a warrior and my step has a purpose. I often think: My training is everywhere.

I read the explanation of Om Mani Padme Hung. On the bike I tried to chant it. It was very difficult to sync with my breathing. It seemed that exhaling each sound on one breath was the best way to chant it. Mantras are a new thing for me. I attached a pic of me with the jersey. Not a great pic…

I bow to you, coach


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