“The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.”
– Pablo Casals

i am getting ready for my last nordic event of the year; the nation’s HIGHEST nordic ski race on top of Telluride Ski Resort! THIS is gonna hurt. stay tapped into DL for more. now, check out this Teaching inspired by Online Student Weiss of NYC who has recently experienced a tremendous Shift in his understanding, practice, and appreciation of the WF Online Path. How about YOU?

From An Actual Online Training Exchange:

…and this morning when flying to Denver, i realized that i failed to become clear about which airline was actually flying me there, and to walk with my bags about 1/2 to 3/4 mile- it wasn’t the distance, nor the weight of the bags, but my annoyance with the situation that ultimately i had created. but all of a sudden i got a sort of “hit” of WF Qi- and i read you r words about everything is practice to a yoga, and suddenly i was doing conscious breathing, smiling and kind of bouncing my way down the walkway between terminals at the san fran airport! Breath and Posture!

that, my Friend,
is PRECISELY what WF (Western Based Yoga) is ALL ABOUT!
it is sooo terribly difficult to get my fans and even my students to understand that the real Gem of WF Training lies not in her physicality; rather in her YIN side; her 4 LIFESTYLE PRINCIPLES!. many people are intimated by WF Online or even by my books because of the up front physical training, the look of my own body, my athletic resume, etc. They think, “Oh look at him, i can never be like him; he must spend ALL day training…”

little do they know the true history of that broken body of mine, my supremely average physiology and kinesthestic talent, my horribly undisciplined monkey mind…
if only they knew…that is why i post my Training Stats; to show how hard i try to overcome my negative tendencies and super average abilities.

people don’t know or quickly forget that i broke my back; i have lived with Chronic Pain my entire adult life. WF thrives in my life and my life thrives becuase of WF only due to my devotion to her Female Apsect; the 4 Lifestyle Principles which were really brought up center to WF and developed during my most intense pain years, when all i could really DO was keep disciplining my ego to return again and again and endlessly again to Breath and Posture, Mindfulness, Appropriate Action, and Practice them!

so it is i who salutes YOU my Noble Online Shishya; CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SPIRITUAL VICTORY!!!!!!!

You Honor My Teachers and My Humble yet Powerful Path!


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