i have not been the only one using my WF Training to enjoy a heaven of a winter! each week that passed produced many WF Warriors that saw fantastic, positive performance, fitness, relationship, and lifestyle shifts. this Path has always attracted the most beautiful, sincere, and hard-working two-leggeds on the planet. thank you, all of you for choosing to Be Here now! what follows is just a smidgen of your input and remember, the WF SanghaLounge is always up and recording so many great training exchanges and information and inspiration, so visit and contribute often!

may this week of Practice deliver more and more fun sweaty grist for your mill of Awakening!

om so ti,
coach ilg

above photos; Photographers from OUTSIDE MAGAZINE descend upon Two Tree Manor to shoot me for an upcoming feature thanks to Online Student Sasso for stepping up!


Before we get to the Student Input, now, how come US Cities can’t do this? This is like precisely what i have been TALKING ABOUT ALL THESE YEARS! i bow to Paris!
Cardio Commute Heaven


The Ilgmeister,

Congrats on your podiums this winter; You rock the glory of the high peaks.


Mark Blanchard

{note; i will be returning to LA to rack up some warm weather miles on my road bike and teach a High Peformance Yoga workshop at Mark’s on April ??}



Namaste, Coach.
In response to your question as to whether or not there is a conflict between my Pranakriya path and the warrior path of Wholistic Fitness:
I don’t think there is a conflict. Pranakriya Yoga uses the same techniques as Kripalu Yoga to raise energy, but with a greater emphasis on Pranayama. It teaches the student to build a charge of energy and to carry the charge with them as a greater level of ‘aliveness’ – living from a more ‘alive’ place.
I have also had the honor of studying with Taizan Maezumi Roshi and have a strong daily zazen practice.
I’ve competed in triathlons, duathlons, martial arts (Muay Thai, Kendo, etc.).

You are definitely one of my Root teachers and I have had many teachers over the years. All that I have learned has made me who I am today and yet, I am constantly evolving.

P.S. The last time I was at Kripalu, they were selling TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION.

peace, love, light
eric b.


Congrats on the Ski Race that’s awesome! Shit Coach if you can win up in T-ride on ski’s,Cycling in flag will be no-prob.

Talk to ya soon.

{“b” has been profiled in DLs previously. you may remember him as “Sensei”, my racing teammate and mountain biking mentor here in Flag.}

Dear Teacher Ananda,
Thanks for your feedback and insights.A whole new world is being revealed to me!

Peace and love,
New Student Deirdre, TX


hi joy-

i miss HP yoga! after moving to Colorado, i have been to several yoga classes and haven’t found any that i enjoyed or benefited from half as much as your class. thanks again for teaching me. i am so glad to be done with graduate school at NAU, but finding a job is proving to be more of a challenge than i wanted. i miss my weekly time in your class, where i could get out of my head and into my body. and congratulations on expecting! that is so exciting!

take care and tell coach i said hello
– Maria, Breckenridge,CO


Ya kno, I am cautious when TELLING people they WILL be GREAT, but… I KNEW YOU WOULD BE, ARE, WILL be again…..
I would luv more details on your Telluride race, well, what else is there, took off from the gun as fast as he could, then increased his lead all the way to the finish..Pre-like…Luv it!
You rock,
Your Teammie always,

{‘lg’ is Lisa Goldsmith, multi-champion pro mountain runner and my teammate at Mt. Taylor’s Championship victory this winter.}

We are sending you a complimentary case of Cannon’s Green Chile next week. Is your physical prowess due to Cannon’s Chile????? Take Care.


{as many of you know, i rarely miss a day without my Cannon’s New Mexico Green Chile! “Jet Fuel for the Soul,” is what i like to call it! visit the WF Power Links on the Visitor Cave for their contact, or call Jane directly at;
877-630-7026…tell her, “Coach Ilg sent me!”…or and you better just get the MILD version for starters!}


Friggin’ congrats on “finishing with a kick” for your Nordic.07 season! God dammit man! You make me want to feel the pain again baby! In-joy…talk to ya soon…

I have tightening my schedule a bit and will fly into LA a day early to hit your HP YOGA Worksho and class in April baby! Yea! Ragin’ (feeble) rj will be in submission for BOTH sessions!
Crank it,

{‘rj’ needs no intro to DL readers! he is a favorite for his “Ragin RJ” guest features on DL…right now the World Champion in ultra racing and my former teammate is berserkin’ on the obesity of America and is leading the charge against it. expect more of RJ soon in DL…the TRIBAL DRUM OF GENUINE YOGIC WARRIORS!}


I stumbled on a copy of Steve´s book Total Body Transformation on a Thai massage workshop at Kripalu Center in Massachusets, in fall 2005. I truly felt blessed at that day. Needless to say I bought that only copy in the store
IlgBooks: I have Total Body Transformation, The HP Prop yoga workout and the Basic strength DVD session dvd

I am in awe and inspired of your ability to use the chi in sport performance. I want to go in that direction!!

Please accept me as an Online Student!

– Brynjulfur Jonatansson
Reykjavik, Iceland


Dear coach,

Please, I have to thank you. Thank you for what you do and how you do it. Thank you for creating this wonderful path. Thank you for creating these powerful tools that support and challenge us on our journey and give our inner teacher so much opportunities to speak up.

Bowing deeply,

Torsten of Germany
(Which indeed, like ‘ilg’ is an very old germanic/nordic/viking name :-))



Going to our yoga practice each week makes me so happy! I can never stop giggling afterwards. Just wanted you to know!

take care!
– Valerie, Flagstaff


Congratulations! on your win and your recent fantastic news of a little one on the way!

I look forward to doing yoga in the jazzercise cave every week! Thanks for leading a fantastic practice. I am happy to be able to share in it.
– mara, Flagstaff



Dear Teacher Ananda,

a dazed and confused student coop reporting in having completed both sets of Minutes are
Forever intervals
just moments ago. my route wasn’t long enough to accommodate these so i used every cul-de-sac and backtracked a couple of times to avoid getting too close to home too soon :-). in the end, i got misplaced in my own neighborhood! i still can’t figure out how i ended up where i did without running by my own house… so maybe i did.
feeling pleased with this effort as you may be able to tell.
and signing off i’m thinking — how lucky am i to have you to share experience with?? thanks!

student wendy, Indiana


YET ANOTHER GREAT WEEK OF DL’s COMING UP as i begin (SLOWLY) my transition from Winter Performance Season to Summer Performance Season! God i LOVE THE WORLD OF WF!

– peace out Boy and Girl Scouts!


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