Long Time WF Student Karl, shown overwhelmed by the size of his trophy second from right, knows full well the value of a devoted WF Practice which includes the SUNRIDER Herbs and BioBuilde that prevented some ski specific injuries from knocking him off the podium! Chalk up yet another podium among the hundreds that WF Athletes have been enjoying attainment of since 1982! This DL is for KARL! GREAT JOB!


Most inspiring El Coache Ilg,

Last Sunday at the Crescent Ski Council finals I was awarded the Tom Broughton Memorial award as mens and all around season Points Leader for the 2006-7 race season.

Infinitely more valuable than the motivating hardware and prize trip to Steamboat was the ten minutes of applause from friends and the knowledge that I had left all the fear behind in the two best of GS runs of my life.

The outcome was very much in doubt. Meditative and great recovery capabilities from years of WF practice put me in good shape Sunday morning. Everyone was incredibly encouraging and the two GS runs were truly in-spirit.

Four years of practice.
One award.
In gratitude,

Student karl
Charlotte, NC

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