Namaste from North Hollywood!

what a GREAT, AUSPICIOUSLY LOADED trip from the Sacred Peak into the Pueblo Grande (Big City) i have had! i want to share some of the great miracles and Happy Omens that kept cascading into my Awareness from my trip, however, i gotta get ready to teach my HP Yoga Master Class and Internal Lock Workshop.

oh, the picture above? well, see, when i come down from the Sacred Peak into the sea level marine layered pollution of the Pueblo Grande, the change in Pranic Consitution hits my system like a brick. so, i gotta be a bit more intense with my Neti (Nasal Wash) and pranayams while i am here, thus the swim goggles. you NEVER know what the hell is gonna come flying out of your nostrils when you do Neti in a Grande Pueblo!

Of course, like any Celebrity Fitness Trainer, i am constantly being hounded by the Parapazzi or whatever the hell these media maggots are called. sure ’nuff, there i was in MY OWN apartment doing my special, Top Secret Early Morning Neti and Pranayam, when the pop-pa-razzi rushed into my bathroom and snapped a series of unauthorized pictures of my ritual! dang them! dang them all to Hec and back! i betcha ANYTHING they are going to sell these Top WF Secret Pictures to like CrossFit or something! Brittney, honey, i feel you, babe! i’m thinkin’ i’ll check myself in rehab and cut my hair…i just can’t TAKE THE PRESSURE ANY MORE!!!

Seriously, however, i really have to go. i do enjoy keeping a spirit of fun along with all the focused Sacredness that hallmarks the monument of our Path..

today, i pray
that my body,
my words,
my actions,
my sweat,
and my spirit
reflect just a tiny, yet authentic and sincere morsel of the symmetry, balance, and wisdom from the immense majesty of the Ancient Mountain Yogis.

i will miss you in class! consider a half dozen chaturanga’s done in your honor, okay? There is gonna be a whole lot of Love as i share the Sacred Sweat with my ol’ LA Sangha!

Speaking of Love…please enjoy this HeartSpace Love Hit from my Beloved HP Yogi’s Ben “PatkiDass” and Sara. Ananda and i were Graced with the honor of presiding at these two wonderful ‘kids’ wedding ceremony performed beneath the Sacred Peak in Flag. get out the tissues. it’s about the best 4 minutes of HomeSpun Love you’ll ever see.

more about my trip soon…

bring the chi, and you will feel the chi…
bring the Love, and you will feel the Love…
where ever you go,
who ever you meet…

om so ti,

the mountain yogi (from the Pueblo Grande!)


Hi everyone,

hooray for macs. Now that i have one, i made a movie slide-show type thing of our wedding. i posted it on youtube so anyone can see.

We Are Blessed; Ben and Sara

pass this around! you can also access it through my website at www.flagstaffist.org

if anyone would like a higher quality version, i can burn DVD’s with it and send you one. just let me know.

still stoked from that day…


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