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i don’t know if there are too many people on the planet that have abused their skin/face in the outdoors as much as i. however,
my 25-year allegiance to the SUNRIDER Herb skin/face care products have kept my skin aglow, supple, and physiologically capable of effectively respirating the tons of sweat and toxins that pass through my skin barrier each week.

Noble Coach,

I just received:

· Kandesn Beauty Bar

· Kandesn Balancing Splash Fragrance Free

· Oi-Lin Supreme Emulsion

· Beauty Pearl

· Oi-Lin Hand & Body Lotion Fragrance Free

And, I already have some:

· Replenish Gel

· Natural Emulsion SPF 30

Please advise me on the best use of all this.


Student S

Most Noble Student S


your skin is in for QUITE the WORLD CLASS TREAT! beware! it will be VERY hard to
use other products on your skin after you feel how much LOVE the Kandesn products give your skin!
your skin will literally just gulp it up and anything else you try to use? it will feel like the filmy synthetic bullshit
that it is! congrats for NOURISHING your skin in this way:

Step #1) use Kandesn Beauty Bar
as your First Step; wash your face with it and feel how CLEAN it feels on your skin!

Step #2)
use Kandesn Balancing Splash Fragrance Free
as your Step 2, just wet a cloth with it,
then blot and/or make circular movements upon your face/neck with it.

Step #3)
Replenish Gel
is your Step 3; apply small dabs of it to your eye wrinkle areas, lips, and just a tiny amount to your face; TINY!

Step #4)
use Oi-Lin Supreme Emulsion
LIGHTLY as the final face treatment; just FEEL HOW AMAZING the skin responds! your face will will appear shiny and youthful almost immediately. for those of us that spend a lot of time outdoors, our skin TRULY appreciates this line of face care!


after showering you may enjoy the:
Oi-Lin Hand & Body Lotion Fragrance Free

WOW!!!!! you get what you pay for, eh?


the Beauty Pearls are used to nourish the skin from the inside out; swallow one per day; two per day if feeling stressed.
they have a calming effect upon the mind.


Natural Emulsion SPF 30
can be applied before outdoor activities. a SUPER THIN layer on the face, neck, and forearms/shoulders.
extremely healing for the skin however, it will impart a whitish layer if used too much or not rubbed in enough.

CONGRATULATIONS and ENJOY the (sun)RIDE on your skin!!!!!

i want to hear about your experience after a couple of weeks on this plan, okay?

i bow to you from beneath the Sacred Peak,

coach ilg, ryt/uscf/cpt
author/Total Body Transformation

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