Why Don’t Monks Squat?

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Why Don’t Monks Squat?

This one does. In fact, all WF Fitness Monks are required to take Study beneath the Squat Bar Zendo! i maintain that there is no Zafu Cushion quite as effective as a heavily loaded barbell across ones shoulders.

Why Don’t Monks Squat?

That is a fine question, one that i asked one of my first Zen Teachers during Doukusan, a private question and answer period with a Zen Teacher that is used to test the caliber of a zen student’s apprehension.

The Roshi called me into his chamber after i had waited a seemingly endless period of time – which of course had to be spent in perfect zen sitting posture.

“Sadhaka ilg,” he grunted not even trying to correctly pronounce my last name, “show me your progress on your koan.”

“Why don’t Monks back squat?”

The look in the Zen Master’s eyes revealed to me a look of utter confusion. Pure spacious wilderness in the mental field of a concentrated being. this momentary suspension from my Teacher remains one of my most cherished memories.

Why Don’t Monks Squat?

This one does; and has been for over 25 years. The result? Have you seen my athletic resume? Do you realize that spiritual fitness must follow nadic fitness and nadic fitness comes from neural fitness and neural fitness comes from muscular fitness and the absolute most vital full body muscle developer are Back Squats?

Top Position; Back Squat. here i take a quick moment and think how many other athletes or yogis are doing Back Squats; then, realizing that so few have the balls to crank out Back Squats, i tell myself just how much stronger these Squats will make my mind and body compared to others with whom i compete. i tell myself just how deep these Squats develop my mental fibers for my Bardo Entry…

Bottom Position; Back Squat. no better Bardo Training on this Plane than that of the bottom position of a Back Squat. Note my “Scuba Deep” depth, flat spine, thigh muscles popping, and focused mind. i pity the person who does not Back Squat. for such a limp limbed being, the Bardo will hit them like a sack of bricks. i don’t give a rat’s ass about how fancy a yoga posture somebody can do; show me how strong and beautiful and capable they are beneath a squat bar! THAT’s YOGA, baby!

Why Don’t Monks Squat?

in THIS Tribe they do!!

Bottom Position; Jump Squat. torso power coiled like the Kundalini Serpent! Flat spine, soft mind, focused chi!

Top Position; Jump Squat. Note the lean profile, the height, and the relaxed feet ready to make cat-like contact with Mother Earth and explode upward like a flash of monsoon lightning! you wonder why i collect so many podiums? SQUATS BABY!

Why Don’t Monks Squat?

they SHOULD!

Young Coach Ilg; getting it done back in the day. note the weight. my bodyweight was 142 soaking wet. you do the math.
you think all those years pumping those Squats were wasted? Hell no! WF Online Student Hakado Ru writes to me from his training update:

STRENGTH: Perfect Power Yang Day. Switched the order up a bit due to the availablity of equipment. Amazing how a two-story facility that boasts two indoor pools, a 1/7-mile running track, an aerobic equipment area encompassing more than 2,000 SF, a women-only gym, two group training rooms, etc., only has one squat rack. I think I am the only who uses it too! All five bench press benches are always full…but none dare the squat!

Why Don’t Monks Squat?

Maybe they’ll start. It would improve their Practice, i am certain!

Bottom Position; One Legged Ski Stance Endurance Squats. I can hold these from now until the Fat Lady dies of a Heart Attack.

Need assistance in your Back Squats for sports and/or spiritual performance?

You know where to ask.

in love, sweat, and squatting for spirit,

the fitness monk of functional musculature

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