Baby Unborn Daughter Dharma

you know, Noble Sangha, no one ever told me that the most precious Teachings from our children actually arrive from them before they are born.

already, several pages of Divya Dristhi (Divine InSight) fill my Unborn Baby Daughters meditation journal in our Temple H(om)e Zendo. She already has Taught me such pricelessness for Awakening, Practice, Teaching and Helpfulness To Others..

it is with unknown pensiveness, that as my Baby Daughter reaches her 6th Month point in my Beloved’s womb, that i already sense a distance from the Divine Realm from which she came. As if on Cosmic Cue, as her tiny bones begin to harden (bones represent the MOST dense concentrations of spiritual energy) and as she takes on more and more ‘form’ her instant, endless, infinite Astral Connection with me lessens, or i should write, ‘shifts’.

she communicated to me the other day in the Temple Zendo that her face hurts. i opened into her and discovered that the poor lil thing’s knees – now hardening – kept hitting her in her face as she tried to continue her cherished actions of somersaulting and floating in the amniotic fluid…an extreme sports action in the womb that she a-parent-ly got from her daddy perhaps? i had to ‘tell her’ what was happening to her, that it would be okay, and that she needs to tone down the somersaulting for the moment. i promised her that her mommy and me would restart the somersaulting upon the green luscious grasses beneath the Sacred Peak very soon.

that is just one Message, one Communication of dozens and dozens i have already been Touched by…so many Messages, so many spiritual springboards that my Unborn Baby Daughter has already Gifted me! already i Love her so.

the tricky part about the practicality of my Lineage is to continue my Impermanence Meditations. oh, it’s always been hard to do with my family, Ananda, my LifeMessage, my health, my fitness, etc. However, when it comes to the thought of ‘losing’ this Precious Vibration that is growing so fast into Human Form; tears well and fall upon my sitting posture:

What is born will die,
What has been gathered will be dispersed,
What has been accumulated will be exhausted,
What has been built up will collapse,
And what has been high will be brought low.


we don’t have babies.
we are Gifted them.
from the Divine Source; little embodiments of Grace Under Pressure (to take rebirth).

May All Parents Everywhere Keep Their Practice Stronger Then Ever For The Sake Of Children Everywhere…

om so ti,

the Father Warrior Bec(om)ing

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