Today, at 2:20 pm PT i will be interviewed by Tina Vindum of the health and fitness show called “Outdoor Fitness with Tina Vindum.” The show airs throughout the USA and Canada on Sirius Satellite Radio, Lime channel 114. It also streams worldwide on www.Sirius.com/Lime and www.Lime.com

The producer told me, “We’d love to have you on the show to talk about you, your wholistic fitness philosophy, and how you stay so fit!”

Perhaps some of you may be able to listen today and call in!

Let’s BRING THE CHI, baby!

If they want OUTDOOR FITNESS, then, well, they have Knocked on the Highest Temple Door…so, let’s share the Sacred Light of our Sweat and Spirit…

see in you Satellite-dom!

om so ti,
the mountain yogi

photo 1) my HP Yoga Mat, floating in my “Wholy Water” which i spilt at my HP Yoga Master Class in LA.

photo 2) Venerable HP Yoga and WF Student Clay Clymore of Santa Clarita, CA rolls up his own yoga mat after faithfully completing the Sweat Management scenario common to HP Yoga in LA!

thanks to Ron Jones over at RonJones.org for the pics!

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