If you are a 3x National Champion in UltraDistance MTB Champion like WF Student Timari Pruis (Kenda/Ellsworth), crashes and injuries are part and parcel to the Journey. During a recent injury recovery, Timari developed a blood clot and the doctors put her on Coumadin. One of Timari’s first priorities was to contact me to get dialed in on how to best speed her inner healing. Well, you know the simple power of this Path…i choreographed a specific recipe of SUNRIDER Herbs with BioBuilde for her and…well, i’ll let Timari share the rest…

hey coach!
just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that…my blood clot is officially gone! i got the good news late last week, and was able to come off of the Coumadin! i was SOOOOOOOOOOOO stoked! i feel so much better riding now that i am off of that stuff. consequently, i am now able to take SLIM CAPS again, so maybe i can FINALLY lose some of that weight i gained while on the Coumadin. the report from the doctor said that the best case scenario that i could have hoped for, is what happened. i know that being on the Sunrider products, as well as the BioBuilde most definitely helped me out in getting to “best case scenario”. my rides have been so awesome since coming off of the Coumadin, and now i get to feel the full effects of the BioBuilde. i had the most awesome ride up Kingsbury Grade today as well. popped some BioBuilde right before the ride, and hauled butt up the hill! it was one of those days where i told myself that i would not time myself up the hill (like i normally do), but SO wish i had! it had to be the BioBuilde! anyways, had to fill you in! miss ya lots!

love always,

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