Relative Virtue

Published on May 15, 2007 by in Yoga


“Let none find fault with others;
let none see the omissions and commissions of others.
But let one see one’s own acts,
done and undone.”

– Dhammapada, 50

i reunite with HP Yogini Amber after sharing the Sacred Sweat at my recent
HP Yoga Master Class and Internal Locks workshop in Los Angeles. Amber first came to
me to help her out of chronic back pain. now, the pain is gone and the Love we share is
endless, Sacred, and Sanghic. photo by Ron Jones.

i look forward to seeing my Flagstaff HP Yogis again tomorrow night!

may all Beings Everywhere accept the yoga of pain as purification,
and the Clear Strength of relative virtue gained from personal insight derived from Practice.

om so ti,

the mountain yogi

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