Namaste Teacher Ananda,
Welc(om)e home Coach! i have thoroughly enjoy DL during your LA visit!

Yeah! The online shower has begun!

EMR (Early Morning Ritual) continues to keep me grounded and begins each day with mindful intentions. breath and mula bandha have guided me through these physically and emotionally strenuous days. thank goodness for the foundation of WF!

Coach’s DL entry regarding his Astral chats with Baby Om has really touched me deeply. i went back to re-read the entry as there were many other thoughts and feelings arising.

i love this path. more auspicious signs have been arising over the past weeks. it is so evident that God has guided me on this path to learn from two beautiful teachers to continue to cultivate my awareness and to train my mind and body.

when it comes to bearing a child, there is more responsibility to raising a child than i have even realized. there is a spiritual commitment that i was not prepared for. so as i sit with spine straight and continue to be aware of my breath and posture, tears stream down my cheeks with gratitude and humility.

i love you two so much and your teachings are so rich with nutrients.

i have attached an image that was taken of me while visiting Chicago last week by photographer Gretchen Del Carmen*. she is from Puerto Rico and we had quite a connection and a spectacular day of letting our child-souls run free with our cameras for a day. The signs that were present last Wednesday were such gifts. i bow.

i am so thankful and appreciative of where i am right now and all that i have been experiencing and learning.

growing each day.

WF master student shawna

* www.gdcstudios.com

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