Friggin’ Coach Ilg rocked us in NoHo the other week! OMG! What a sweat and chifest that was @ Warrior Blanchard’s studio in NoHo. Of all the so-called “Hot Yoga” classes I have attended, I have NEVER put out such a friggin’ sweat and all without a gas heater–just Coach Ilg! Shiiitttt…who needs a furnace when you have HP Yoga to light the fire within?! A great class–all sorts of people there and shapes, sizes, abilities. I’m always amazed at how well Ilg adapts to the tribe–he seems to know what people need on the spot without a cue card. Feeble Coach RJ went to failure more than once in this class. I was rockin’ at the Coachella Music Festival the day before. Dudes! From Coachella’s 102 degrees in the Cali desert to HP Yoga’s sweatfest in NoHo! I was dehydrated big time! If you ever get a chance to study with Coach Ilg in NoHo or anywhere else he lands to do HP Yoga–DO IT! There is no substitute–I’m convinced of that.
– Ron Jones

unsolicited fan letter taken from the WF SanghaLounge from the world-record holder; Race Across AMerica

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