OH What A Week!

Published on Jun 25, 2007 by in WF News


Namaste Noble Warriors Whom Are Intent Upon Finding Their Workout EVERYWHERE!

phew, what a week THAT was! Thank you for your Practice of Patience…

first, Joy’s Dad came to visit us for the week…

…overlapped with my Two Day Private Intensive with Shishya Weiss.

note any similarity in the above photos?

yeah, i have found the best way to keep both ‘in-laws’ and ‘students’ in go(o)d behavior is to pre-fatigue ’em with some Sacred Peak Sweat! i plan on using this same Proven Pathway with my daughter! ‘when in doubt; fatigue ’em out!’ – coach ilg

more on BOTH of the above two amazing Warriors this week in DL…

however, coming up next:

“GONE FITCHIN’…The Spiritual Ramifications Of Trout Fishing”

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photo 1 – a few days ago on Red Fox Deck/WF Temple H(om)e
photo 2 – Jerry Kilpatrick, soldiering up Schultz Trail for his 61st Birthday and Father’s Day Ride with me.
photo 3 – WF Online Shishya Dr. Weiss representing Brooklyn after climbing 800′ to 8,000′ via “Dog Food” – a MTB trail across the street.
photo 4 – testing my trout gear after about 15 years of not using it…as you’ll find out, i haven’t lost any of my fishin’ skills however…photo by Ananda at local Ashcroft Lake in the Coconino National Forest.

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