Ben “PatkiDass” Sullivan has launched a Carbon Counter from his website.
I’ve asked my beautiful Student if my WF Sangha could make use of this perfect tool for enhancing WF Lifestyle Principles 2,3, and 4 (MIndfulness, Appropriate Action, and Practice).

i’ll turn it over to PatkiDass;
“Our atmosphere (Father Sky) is our greatest integrator. Through the power of chemistry, with every gallon of gasoline we consume, we release 19 pounds of CO2 into our Father, from whom we draw our life. Mother Earth, 100 million years ago, provided 100 tons of biomass for each gallon of gasoline we use now.

With this knowledge, can’t we can all ride our bikes or walk a little more? a moderately fit person can cover 30 miles in two hours with a decent bicycle. How much time is your air worth?

To encourage people to see the rewards of their efforts,
my Flagstaff, AZ based website for cycling, science, and fun, has a commuter survey that people can fill out at their leisure.
Record the number of trips you took, the total miles you rode, and give a name Flagstaffist can identify you by. Then check back and see how much carbon other Flagstaffists did not put into the atmosphere.

You don’t have to be from Flagstaff, AZ to use this tool. We all benefit from one less car. One day, with enough support and carbon savings, these savings could be sold as carbon credits on international markets. Flagstaffist pledges to share any future proceeds amongst the commuters who made this possible – somehow. that’s why the name is requested – it makes it easier to identify you. there may also be weeklong competitions if there’s enough interest, etc.

To take the survey, go my website and look for the Commuting Carbon Calculator under Pages.

Or, just look to the left of this DL Forum under Coach Ilg Approved Blogs…click on it, bookmark it, and start turning your WF Lifestyle efforts into something measurable.”
– PatkiDass

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