With ultra Tribal Warrior thanks to both filmmaker Wayne Williams (Sherman Oaks, CA) and our treasured Temple Website manager, John ‘Hakado Ru’ Kuhlman (Las Vegas, NV) i am deeply pleased to share with the “Outer World” my Steve Ilg Presentation Video.

Typical of my Ancient Traditional style of spontaneous Dharma teaching, the video is completely unscripted and was spontaneously shot by Wayne by a hand-held camera who is a wizard with photography, computers, and nearly everything else. Please visit his website below and get his book; America’s Vanishing Landscapes. The location of the video is the birthplace of American rock climbing; Stoney Point, CA. The 8-minute video affords your friends and family a visual and verbal treatise of the WF Path straight from the horse’s mouth; myself!

May this video description of my LifeWork be of benefit to many.

Ilg Presentation Video

Wayne Williams Website

head bowed,
the mountain yogi

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