HeadStand Humor #5

Published on Jul 10, 2007 by in Headstand Humor


go to the WF landing page, hit your REFRESH BUTTON and drink in the beautiful new graphic artistry of WF Student Brad Gantt of Sherman Oaks, CA. i am so happy to have such a hard working Peaceful Warrior in our Tribe. how he comes up with such art that dials directly into the rasas (essence/sap)of my LifeWork, i have no idea. all of his wonderful art is contributed free of charge to our humble, powerful Temple. thank you, Devotee BG…your talent drenched metta (lovingkindness) is deeply appreciated. May countless Dharma Blessings pour toward you.

very well then…
now, for something completely different (to be said in a MONTY PYTHONS FLYING CIRCUS voice)…
it’s time again for HEADSTAND HUMOR

draining the lactic acid out of my legs via sirsana padmasana (full lotus headstand) at the bottom of the Grand Canyon; photo by Craig ilg.

According to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, regular practice of sirsasana (head stand) incites and liberates the otherwise dormant 80% of man’s brain. sadly for you, much of my liberated brain activity produces jokes in the hours after Practice. fortunately, i forget 90% of these jokes. unfortunately for you, i remembered a few from yesterday:


that i work half naked in my office is not something that i am SARI about…


What did one Ghost say to the other before an important conversation?

“Look, i gotta be REALLY CLEAR with you..”


What do you end up with if you try to sue the Singer Jewel?

Jewel Cases.


Don’t dig my HeadStand Humor?
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